bloody dismember


     Well it’s about damned time I cranked out a fuzzy skellie!  I made that announcement about being your official home of all things Fuzzy Skeletonian and all I’ve been doing is planking myself off, foolin’ around with nose bleed and mucking around in my past.

     What I ended up doing with this guy was good ol’ bloody dismemberment and decapitation.  This is something I’ve done before, sans blood (i.e. tornApartParts, bonePile).  Tearing things apart to perhaps find new ways of putting them back together.  The lack of the head, in particular, has happened a couple of times lately in my recent drawing sessions.  Sometimes I don’t feel like drawing the face.  Perhaps I get a little apprehensive drawing the eyes.  There’s so much power there.  What is done with the eyes completely changes the work.  The whole drawing comes to life when you finish the eyes.  I guess I didn’t want the responsibility this time around.

4 thoughts on “bloody dismember

  1. When I saw the thumbnail for this in my newsfeed I was like, HOLY SHIT! and when I got here in this post I'm still like HOLY SHIT!

    This is really good work here.

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