bloody dismember


     Well it’s about damned time I cranked out a fuzzy skellie!  I made that announcement about being your official home of all things Fuzzy Skeletonian and all I’ve been doing is planking myself off, foolin’ around with nose bleed and mucking around in my past.

     What I ended up doing with this guy was good ol’ bloody dismemberment and decapitation.  This is something I’ve done before, sans blood (i.e. tornApartParts, bonePile).  Tearing things apart to perhaps find new ways of putting them back together.  The lack of the head, in particular, has happened a couple of times lately in my recent drawing sessions.  Sometimes I don’t feel like drawing the face.  Perhaps I get a little apprehensive drawing the eyes.  There’s so much power there.  What is done with the eyes completely changes the work.  The whole drawing comes to life when you finish the eyes.  I guess I didn’t want the responsibility this time around.

hollow head

     Okay, now that I’ve gotten planking out of my system, we can get back to bidness.  Here’s some pencil from my late teens.  The original is noticeably lighter than what you see here.  When I was fiddling around with this post-scan I hit ye olde auto-adjust on the colors and everything just popped.  It really brought out all the original detail from this old drawing so I ran with it.

     As for content, methinks this has something to do with an artwork I often stared at as a kid in California.  It was in this book called The Mind my parents had in the living room.  The artwork in question was a painting done by a schizophrenic depicting their skull split open lying in a grassy field and you could see different compartments inside.  Each compartment showed scenes, memories, abuse, insecurities and the like from their life experiences.  I remember being obsessed with that book and that painting in particular.  As for my drawing, the head seems hollow with all the interesting stuff on the outside.  Perhaps the inside was gutted by fire, as there are some small flames still burning.

go plank yourself!

     I was making my regular visit to Cup3Tint3 the other day and I got introduced to planking.  Spend a few minutes and take a look.  Take a slow look, look at them all.  Just stare at them for a while.  I’ll wait…

     Now I’ll admit that since I’ve been getting back into my art I have found myself to be a lot more impressionable but after looking at all those people planking can YOU resist the urge to do THIS?

     I wasn’t quite as daring as some but it was the position you get yourself into that interested me.  There’s just something so intriguing about it.  For that moment, you stop, motionless, expressionless and suddenly you’re no longer a complicated human being living in an insane world.  You’re a plank.  A mindless, wood-like THING.  You cease to be complicated and are as simple as a piece of wood, a random pebble or a puddle of water.

      I know it looks absurd but that’s not the way it feels.  Don’t believe me?  Try it!  Go plank yourself and report back.

noseless confusion

     Yeah, I know!  What the hell is this!?  You’d figure I’d be all fuzzy skeletonian up in your ass right now.  Well, the truth is I’ve been taking it easy this week, recovering from my latest illness.  I’m at about 95%.  Still clearing phlegm.  You totally needed to know that.

     Aaaaanyway, here’s more nose bleed stuff.  Done in between feather stare and volcano brain this drawing gave me a little trouble while I was scanning it.  Not in the technical fuck you fucking fuck I hate you computer software mangling my artwork gonna kill you in your sleep kind of way.  It was more in the drawing a blank can’t think of what to name the filename sort of way.  Usually, I can rattle off a quick filename that clicks (i.e. blood drool, hungry head, brain fire) but this time I just stared at this thing and totally drew a blank.  Sure he’s got uneven eyes, bloody teeth and what looks like a very excited brain but none of those clicked in my head as the right name.  I got so stuck and confused that I asked my wife what she saw in this and she pointed out that he has no nose and the rest is history.  Yeesh, that was a long explanation.  Kudos to you for reading this far!

     Okay, I’m done for the day.  Hey, head on over to Mr. Gable’s Reality today.  He’s got some exciting news!

torso man and a moment of clarity

Torso Man, the very first Fuzzy Skeletonian.
Sharpie marker on 65lb. paper, completed 2003

     Thought I’d revisit Torso Man with a fresh scan in celebration of making Vincent’s Handmade Art your official home of the Fuzzy Skeletonian!

     I know this may not seem like a big revelation to the casual observer but I recently had a moment of artistic clarity.  Simply put:  I want to be known as that Fuzzy Skeletonian guy.   Hence the change in header and blog description.  That’s all I really wanted to say.  Just wanted to throw that out there, let it gel for a while and see what develops.

     Have a great week!

illness and poetry

     I’m not much of a poet but today I felt the need to express myself with pretty pretty words.  So, without further ado, I present my first online poem:


You suck you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck
I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you
Fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off

Thank you.

tunnel vision

     Here’s goofy little drawing from my past.  Not sure what the eye tunnels are about but the electrical sparks in the hair seem to show the beginnings (or at least hints) of features prevalent in the Sharpie craze and, more recently, with nose bleed.  Weird how you can make sense of some of your past by examining your present state.

     Oh yeah, speaking of the Summer of ’89.  I’ve already been posting shit from this period and just didn’t bother noting it.  Check out the tag if you’re curious.