fire hair

     Here’s my latest with my recently acquired brush markers, although they aren’t quite what I wanted as far as a brush marker goes.  They lack flexibility in the drawing tip and ended up being what amounts to a Super Sharpie with a fine tip.  Oh well, no big deal.  They more than make up for that with the fact that they are filled with plenty of sweet sweet India ink.  Very vivid, solid color and I’m lovin’ it!

4 thoughts on “fire hair

  1. hell yeah, this stands out splendidly because of it's vividness. excellent usage of page space, it takes up pretty much the whole paper. the blood red just screams at ya with it's super HD redness. great work here man, the shading is superb! for some reason it reminds me a bit of The Scream painting by Edvard Munch…hmm…but yeah those brush pens make wicked colour, i might have to find me some of those here soon

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Hey, Aquilus, check out, it's awesome. For the same brush pens I used go here. Oh, and the bright red was from a plain ol' Crayola brush pen. You should be able to find the Crayolas in the school supplies section of the grocery store. The Crayolas don't have the most colorfast pigment to them but they do at least have a flexible, brush-like drawing tip which is tres cool.

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