dandelions and the summer of ’89

     Ah, the summer of ’89.  Judging from the date I was either 19 or about to turn.  I drew a lot that summer.  I should perhaps do a series or some shit.  Eh, I’ll just tag this and see what develops.

     Three day weekend comin’ up for me! : D

4 thoughts on “dandelions and the summer of ’89

  1. Yeah, it's about to pluck that dandelion's head off!

    Funny, you know you're an adult whenever dandelions cease to be this magical plaything you find in the front lawn and become the mortal enemy of your lush, green lawn! I think I remember seeing some sort of lawn care commercial showing some guy's daughter blowing on a dandelion and the father was doing the slow-motion, “NooOOOooOOOoooo!!” as the dandelion seeds became airborne.

  2. I love this. Such soft lines. That hand totally reminds me of the Grinch's hand, including the way it's grabbing the flower. Remember that one pencil sketch self portrait of yours that is one of my top faves? With the potted flower on the edge of a ledge? I'm wondering if that's from this same time period, because I see similarities in the style.

    It's odd you have the 80s on your brain. Corpse Cafe mentioned the 80s recently, and I've had it on my brain for the past few weeks for some reason.

  3. Yeah, I just dug my old sketchbook out of the closet and awkward flower is from about a year earlier.

    As far as the 80s go, I'd say it's a pretty popular decade for us 40-somethings. That was back when we were teens and young adults with all of our hormones a-poppin' and our big dreams a-dreamin'. Very sentimental times.

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