arrogance and the impermanence of art


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     Here’s my latest and in dry erase marker, no less!  I know, right!?  Fun fun stuff.  If what you end up drawing sucks just erase it!  It’s like it never even happened.

     Seriously, though, this is a pretty neat way to experiment with ideas and shit and not waste a ton of paper and if what you end up with is save-worthy just photograph the fuck out of it before you erase it.  This also agrees with my arrogant artistic sensibilities in a lot of ways:  “I created it, I will destroy it!  It’s mine!”

      Well, thanks for stopping by and may your problems be as easy to solve as this drawing was to erase.

9 thoughts on “arrogance and the impermanence of art

  1. huh, that's a good idea. i never would have thought of that dry erase board, i'll have to get one of those now.

    oooo green and blue and red and black oooo
    he kind of looks like someone ran over his torso with a car and all his blood is squishing out his face…very wicked!

  2. Hey, Katn, don't forget, I DID take a hi-res photo of this bad boy before I erased it. It ended up being about 2700 x 1800 pixels and I could crop it into a desktop background or whatever you want. This is probably the best way to own it anyway. I mean, even if I hadn't erased it, it would still be dry erase marker on a big, clunky dry erase board.

    Anyway, shoot me an email if you're interested.

  3. It's funny, Camille, the photo of this actually allows you to see more details than the original drawing so erasing it wasn't hard once I saw how well it was captured by the camera.

  4. What a GREAT idea!!! :-D
    I love the texture in this one…woodgrain..or woodcut. How did you keep from smudging it with the edge of your hand? I can barely keep from doing that with pencil.

  5. Thanks, I intially did it more for the fun of it but it turned out to be a pretty useful tool when it was all said and done.

    As for the lack of smudges, I didn't brace my hand at all. This was all done “free arm”, if you will. You have to surrender a good amount of control (I'm right handed so most of the strokes end up going to the right and the whole work is leaning a bit to the right as well) but that lends itself to a more spontaneous, expressive feel even if the technical execution suffers a bit.

  6. You say you surrendered some control here, but to me it seems a little more controlled as opposed to your work here or here. I once had an instructor tell me that the further away you move from the tip of whatever tool you're using, the more control you have. He was referring specifically to using a brush. I didn't buy it at the time, but this piece is a good example of that. Look at the precision of your strokes throughout this piece. Also, note the delicacy of the line work in the left eye (green side). Myself, I have trouble moving more than an inch away from the surface of my drawing area unless I'm working very large (18×24)

    I do enjoy your dry erase work a great deal. I am also a little envious that you thought of it first. :-P

  7. Thanks for the observations (and the compliments!). Now that I'm actually painting more and more I'll have to experiment with holding the brush further from the tip.

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