what me worry?

     This was drawn immediately in between fire hair and blood drool and I just skipped over it.  Given my recent history, the very fact that it made me hesitate or feel uncomfortable must mean that this is a self-portrait.  I think that’s what this whole nose bleed style is turning into; definite self-examination and/or exploration.  Look at those eyes.  What am I so worried about?

snatch chest and nintendo memories


     Look what I found!  Proof!  Proof, I tell you!  This is some pre-Sharpie craze India ink stuff that proves, or rather explains, how I was so easily able to draw Mangina vs. Cockasaurus.  It was simply something that I had done before!

     At the time I drew this I was pretty sure it was just from playing Ultima: Quest of the Avatar on ye olde NES.  There were these monsters called “Snatches” (seriously, I’m not making this up).  They basically looked like meatballs with stubby legs and had big, sideways mouths opening and closing in spectacular, two-frame, sprite animation!  This was a kids game.  A game which taught you the basics about Truth, Love and Courage and how those three principles combined to make the eight virtues of Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Honor, Sacrifice, Spirituality and Humility.  How they got away with Snatches I’ll never know.

     Anyway, Nintendo game trivia aside, I thought this drawing was rather interesting when taking into account the past and present states of my artistic inclinations.

arrogance and the impermanence of art


(clicka for da full sizey)

     Here’s my latest and in dry erase marker, no less!  I know, right!?  Fun fun stuff.  If what you end up drawing sucks just erase it!  It’s like it never even happened.

     Seriously, though, this is a pretty neat way to experiment with ideas and shit and not waste a ton of paper and if what you end up with is save-worthy just photograph the fuck out of it before you erase it.  This also agrees with my arrogant artistic sensibilities in a lot of ways:  “I created it, I will destroy it!  It’s mine!”

      Well, thanks for stopping by and may your problems be as easy to solve as this drawing was to erase.

fire hair

     Here’s my latest with my recently acquired brush markers, although they aren’t quite what I wanted as far as a brush marker goes.  They lack flexibility in the drawing tip and ended up being what amounts to a Super Sharpie with a fine tip.  Oh well, no big deal.  They more than make up for that with the fact that they are filled with plenty of sweet sweet India ink.  Very vivid, solid color and I’m lovin’ it!

sexual insecurities and llamas


     I’ve been putting this one off for a while now mainly because it still makes me a tad uncomfortable.  Drawn immediately after lust mouth, I feel like this in a lot of ways represents my more immature attitudes and insecure feelings regarding sex (not that lust mouth doesn’t).  I can’t really get more specific than that, other than it kind of seems like this drawing is saying, “Oh, it’s a scary vagina!  I’m afraid!