square eyes


     Early Sharpie craze.  Done immediately before this.  I’m assuming this is a self-portrait if this is any indicator.  The good ol’ mouth on the head seems to be a definite self-reference, although I don’t seem to have sad, square eyes or a hand-vagina.  Eh, nobody’s perfect.

5 thoughts on “square eyes

  1. the weird thing is, i can see that elf into there too Mr. Gable. i think it's because of the hair…now had that dentist elf had a vagina hand like this that would have made for an interesting show :D

  2. Nice call on Hermie the anti-elf, Mr. G!

    I have come back to this picture a few times, and for whatever reason my eyes immediately go to whatever is coming out of the head. It's very prominent, and the shape is unusual.

    So what, exactly, are you trying to say about your own mouth? Running at the mouth? Spilling your guts? Do tell.

  3. Katn: Not 100% sure. My first impulse was “spilling my guts” but since all of these head mouths were drawn in my 30's, way before I started sharing my art and myself on this blog, I'd have to rule that one out. Thinking about it, I'm leaning more towards something along the lines of an aggressive ego or a hunger for achievement, perhaps stemming from my less-than-successful time in college.

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