scary eyes


     As promised, here’s more bloody content for all you freaks and weirdos loyal followers.  While this work is not all that different from my latest entries into nose bleed, it is significant in that it provoked a reaction from me even before I was finished with it.

     As I was getting close to done I started to get freaked out by the eyes.  Not sure why really, it was just a general feeling of uneasiness.  It got so bad I had to cover the eyes while I finished up.  Sounds silly, I know, but that’s what happened.  I know I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately.  Maybe I’m afraid of something and I’m just making up excuses to avoid my artwork.

8 thoughts on “scary eyes

  1. It's cuz those eyes are looking right into YOUR SOUL.

    I think he looks scared. That tentacle thing on the left seems to me to be zapping him with something. Perhaps to extract his lifeforce. Because those 4 on the right appear to be sucking something out of him. And in the middle is this dude…FREAKING OUT.

    Or maybe this is happening to you? Kinda sounds like life is zapping the shit out of you right now.

  2. Art always imitates life and this is pretty intricate stuff. I like what's going on in the mouth. As for the eyes, they remind me of many things, including orange slices. Sometimes images that invoke smells, can trigger memories. Perhaps that is making you uncomfortable.

    This is a fine piece of work Vincent. Good job.

    Oh, and by the way… It takes a freak/weirdo… oops… loyal follower to know one. ;)

  3. Thanks for the insights, everyone.

    I think this IS me now that I consider it more carefully. When I got slammed with all the overtime in Jan and Feb my wife was surprised I was handling it as well as I was. Now that they've called off the weekend overtime and I've had a chance to have a good, long 4-day weekend I think I'm suffering from a bit of “Post Traumatic Overtime Disorder”, if you will. I've been very cranky the last 36 hours or so and I think it has something to do with finally getting the chance to decompress and normalize.

    And, Camille, I think I know where you're coming from with the freak/weirdo thing. I had a comment a while ago on one of my past works where someone made the remark that it was a total freakshow, or something similar, and I was a little taken aback. It's strange. You go around thinking you're not normal or contrary to society, perhaps even freakish. You even try to cultivate that freaky difference in yourself as a statement of your own individuality, to underscore your disagreement with the mainstream and, yet, when someone actually says, “Hey, you're a freak!” you're all like, “Hey! I'm not a… oh. Oh yeah, maybe I am. Maybe I WANT to be.” Perhaps this reaction is an indicator of how far we have yet to go in becoming married to our own, cultivated “freak identity” if you will. It might also serve as a warning or insight into how we are still so conditioned by the society that we rail against.

  4. Whenever I use a word like that, and I do here and there, I mean it in the best way possible. However, I recognize some pp see such words as negative so I typically use a disclaimer of some sort along with it just to reassure myself that the other person understands I'm giving them a compliment.

    That being said, I hope to holy hell I didn't use such a word in the past and not use my disclaimer and cause you the resulting short-term anguish! I hate to think it was me, but it might've been. So sorry, if so! It was out of love, though. I second what Mr. G. said. As usual.

    Oh, and I believe you might be spot on with the PTOD diagnosis. When I first looked at this piece, I actually wondered if it might be a depiction of how you were feeling from working non-stop. Plus the fact that you said it disturbed you to look at the eyes. That was the real giveaway it was something you were feeling but perhaps trying to avoid.

    I'm rambling now. I shall go.

  5. Thanks for the support, Gable. Right back atcha!

    Don't worry too much, Katn. Even if you did say something like that with serious intent it wouldn't be out of line here. I welcome any and all reactions to my artwork. I especially appreciate comments that make ME react or help me gain insight into what I'm doing.

    I'm going to have to thank you all again. Looking over all the comments once more makes me realize how valuable the act of sharing my artwork is. Insight and understanding like this would literally take me YEARS to achieve on my own.

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