bloody marvelous!

     Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but that’s all I’m gonna say.  The whining is over.  When life hits you, you gotta suck it up and hit right back.

     Here’s a quickie I did on a piece of printer paper with some brush markers.  Fun stuff.  I’m totally loving brush markers!  You can see it in my happy, bloody face.  I’m lovin’ the blood lately.  I’m hoping to have a huge bloody year here at Vincent’s Handmade Art.  Bring your umbrella : )

3 thoughts on “bloody marvelous!

  1. I love the bloody too.

    And this dude kinda looks like he's thinking about hitting on that chick off screen there. Perhaps she is bloody too? Who knows. But this guy wants to hit that.

  2. Gable: You're right, he does look like he's on the make. Shoulda drawn him with some up and down eyebrow action and a drink in his hand.

    Katn: Believe it or not, the blue and red was done with some cheapo Crayola brush markers I bought to experiment with. You should be able to find them in the school supplies section at the grocery store.

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