takin’ what they givin’ cuz i’m workin’ for a livin’

     Well, ye olde workplace has finally made good on their threat of Sundays.  I’m working 7 days this week.  Huzzah.

     To convey my general feeling of discontent I decided to scan myself.  Instead of laying down on the scanner I decided it would be a better idea to prop the scanner on its side and lean in close.  At first this was a mostly black, shapeless mass but a quick auto-adjust of the colors revealed what you see now.  Pretty neat effect.  Sorta like seeing through the eyes of a primitive 1980’s robot.  Hopefully the kind with vibrating parts.  Mmm… parts.

3 thoughts on “takin’ what they givin’ cuz i’m workin’ for a livin’

  1. Remember the first digital camera we ever saw back in 1990, and that photo taken of us in high school? The pic was nothing but black dots and you had to stand at least 10 feet away or you couldn't tell what the image was. This looks like the next generation of camera, one that has colored dots instead of black ones.

  2. You so crazy.

    I had to stare at this for several minutes to figure out what I was looking at. Once I did, it began to look like an ultrasound. If one can ignore the clothes, glasses, and 5 o'clock shadow, that is.

    I feel for you and the work situation. That sucks giant ASS. Please tell me that these sundays are not starting tomorrow with Superbowl Sunday. If that is the case, these pp you work for are going out of their way to be jerks.

  3. Katn: Oh yeah, it's this Sunday, working 11:00am – 5:00pm so it doesn't technically interrupt the Superbowl but still. Very big jerk move. If I cared more about football I would be all 14 kinds of pissed (instead of the 5 kinds I am right now).

    Thanks for the support. You the awesome.

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