skull brain branch

     Tried to get back to basics with this one.  Some good ol’ fashioned black on white Sharpie action.  Oh yeah, baby!

     As for content, I can’t for the life of me figure out what might have been on my mind.  It’s just a soft fuzzy brain.  A brain that looks like it might part in the middle if something were pushed into it and…  and is most likely moist inside.  ‘Cause it’s a brain, and brains are squishy and warm and moist inside, right?  Also, I drew this resting on a piece of wood.  Or maybe it’s a branch.  A big round, long branch that’s very near the soft, fuzzy, warm, moist brain.  So I guess this is just a strange still life of sorts.  Just a skull, brain, branch sort of thing.  Yeah, that’s it.

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