mohawks and hangovers

     Here’s my latest.  Kinda got a head dress/mohawk thing going on.  Total accident.  I just went with the flow, as I’m am wont to do.

     On the good news front, I went ahead and asked for yesterday off from work so I’m currently enjoying a three day weekend (and nursing a bit of a hangover :P ).  Nice break from the six day work weeks of late.  Hope you all are having a perfectly cromulent weekend.

9 thoughts on “mohawks and hangovers

  1. This looks a lot like how I looked this morning…as I was throwing up in the toilet.

    And the weird thing is, it had nothing to do with all the drinking from last night. It was those awful awful McD's fries we had on the way home. It's like they let them thaw on the counter and sprinkled an entire salt shaker on them.

    Sure do taste good comin up though.

  2. Gable: Heh, yeah those McD's fries (even when prepared properly) have a rather narrow window of quality. When hot and fresh they're awesome. When even just warm or cooler they go downhill fast.

    Katn: This was actually drawn before I drank. I tend to be kind of sick of life in general so that often surfaces in my artwork.

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