mangina vs. cockasaurus, 2 of 2


     If you haven’t already, head over to Mr. Gable’s Reality and drink deeply the literary elixir that is Mangina vs Cockasaurus.  All done?  Pretty awesome, eh?  I thought so too.  Stacia and I tossed a joke title at him on a lark and he cranks out an instant gem of a movie pitch!  That’s what’s called “The Gable Way” and don’t you fucking forget it.

     Recently, when Gable casually suggested I do the poster art for the movie, I found it more than a little intriguing.  I mean, I’ve never been bashful about drawing vaginas and cocks in my artwork and Gable’s movie pitch had so much imagination that coming up with something to draw was quite easy.  While I didn’t end up drawing an actual movie poster per se, I did come up with a couple of scenes from the movie pitch featuring our lovable hero and our dastardly villain.  First up, Mangina:

     This is from early in the final battle when they’re beating each other off up with various improvised weapons and objects.  I’m much happier with this version of Mangina.  While I got the disfigured look down with yesterday’s first draft I thought he ended up looking a little wimpy and Mangina is supposed to be super strong.  I beefed him up in this version.  Much better, I think.  Plus the car door looks like the door off of the old Geo Metro I used to drive.

     Cockasaurus gave me trouble at first but then I stopped thinking so hard and just drew a huge cock, as I am wont to do:

     This is Cockasaurus firing that fateful shot that brought Mangina crashing to the ground, foiling his attempt at an aerial escape and almost spelling the end of Mangina.  I’m pretty tickled with this.  Once I decided to go Full Moon with the “costume” and “special effects” it really worked well.  Gary Busey could easily play the part of Cockasaurus, am I right?

     Well, this has been both gobs of fun and quite interesting.  I surprised myself that I was able to think of an idea or two and reproduce them in a fairly accurate fashion to what I had in my head.  Kind of a minor, personal breakthrough of sorts.  Anyway, I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me.  VAGINAS AND COCKS RULE!!

7 thoughts on “mangina vs. cockasaurus, 2 of 2

  1. OH YES! That was awesome. I LOVE Cockasaurus' expression. Kudos to you sir.

    Maybe in the fight scene Cockasaurus will repeatedly try to penetrate Mangina's chest pussy.

    Then maybe he does…and it actually ends with Mangina exploding and a crossbreed between the two being born.


  2. Gable: Heh, MANCOCK. That's awesome!

    Katn: Actually, I was just trying to make his pants ripped but I can see where you get that. Mangina would be VERY popular in prison!

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