lazy bitch

     I don’t know, man.  I just couldn’t finish this one.  I am one big, lazy bitch right now.  I ain’t fucking finishing this.  This is it.  It’s done.  In fact, I’m sick of looking at it.  If you donate a couple bucks for shipping I’ll send this bitch to you!  Normally, I’d send it for the free but we are strapped right now and every penny counts.

     Aaaaanyway, I think what happened is that I started on this before I got sick.  It was going to be a companion piece to breakthrough.  Breakthrough was started with marker and finished with watercolor.  Lazy Bitch Skull here was started with watercolor and I tried to finish it with marker but then I found myself sitting on the the toilet, hugging a trash can.  I think the virus killed what little inspiration I had for this piece and then I spent 48 hours purging all the dead inspiration out of my system.  No wonder it smelled so bad.

      Okay, I’m surprised I was motivated enough to get this far.  I’m off to spend some quality time with my Fleshlights.

7 thoughts on “lazy bitch

  1. I think it looks complete also. I can tell it's yours, but at the same time it is a bit different from a lot of your other work. I think because of the lack of sharpie-involvement and the more subtle colors. I like it a lot. It rather reminds me of some deranged muppet. Which is cool, cause I love all muppets. And deranged stuff. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Thanks, everyone, for the kindness and letting me bitch a little.

    Gable: Fleshlights ARE awesome, and educational! Not only can you jerk it, but when you're left with your virtual vagina to clean, it really gives you a greater appreciation for the other side of things.

    Katn: Deranged muppet is so spot-on. Thank you.

  3. Ah ha – you made me feel better about my painting. I decided to become an artist over the weekend so I bought paint, brushes and paper. I painted a parakeet without a head and legs that weren't attached. Why? Because I don't know how to paint the damn head. I just threw the legs on there because they were easy.

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