distraction procrastination and banneritis

     Bear with me, folks, as I get my momentum back.  Here’s a sketchy, facey… thing that I drew a little while ago.  I hope it passes for content.  Anyway, I’ve been very lazy and easily distracted of late.  No sooner did I get over the flu, when I’ve been stricken with Procrastination Syndrome and a recurring case of Banneritis, where I get obsessed with making banners.  I’m not even very good at making banners but when the mood hits me I just can’t help myself.

     I was first infected last summer when I helped Stacia, over at She Blogged By Night, make her banners for the Shatnerthon.  That was about 20 million pounds of fun in a 5 pound bag, lemme tell ya!  We only made a total of four or five banners to promote the event but I had a ball doing it!  Not only that, but it was what got me interested in blogging in the first place.

     Anyhoo, Mr. Gable has been my latest banner victim.  I ran this one by him before I decided to post it so it’s all good.  Head on over and get your dose of Reality right damn now!

     This is the first step in preparations for sprucing up my Links page.  If you have a banner for your site (or would like to be my next victim), please let me know.

6 thoughts on “distraction procrastination and banneritis

  1. Just edit the HTML and add this where you want your pic link:

    [a href=”http:\website.com”][img src=”http:\www.picture.gif”][/a]

    …and replace all the square brackets with the appropriate less than/greater than brackets, of course. Email me if this doesn't work and I can be more detailed. Gotta run.

  2. Nice banner for Mr. G. I also like your abominable snowman sketch. I would like to say I want a banner. Who wouldn't want a banner? But I don't feel I have much to promote. You have art. Mr. G has great stories and reviews. I just spew crap that's on my brain. I don't know that this is banner worthy, which I accept. I'm just thankful to have a few non-crickets who are interested in the mostly non-important stuff I have to say!

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