spire of doom

     It’s the Spire of Doooom!  It reaches up into the skyyyyyyy!  It’s opening a portal to helllllll!  So Satan can screw us with his cooooock!

     Okay, I’ll stop now.  I only drew one of these things, unless this counts as a Spire of Doom.  I really need to get back to these fast drawings.  Lately, I’ve been bogged down with fussy details and color experimentation.  I think it’s getting on my nerves.

4 thoughts on “spire of doom

  1. To say something honest and insightful about this piece…from the base to the peak it would appear to get less violent. The colors and the design all come to a relaxing point at the peak. So whatever was bothering you at the time you drew this apparently fizzled away once it was over. The top of the page being sweet sweet relief.

    On the other hand…this would make an amazing hideout for some future villains.

  2. I never really thought too much about this one. Just liked the look of it when I revisited it. Now that it's pointed out to me though, it's quite obvious that there's a harmony or peaceful relief to it, especially as you look bottom to top. Thanks for the input, everyone.

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