Mutant Santa…


     …in a sick twisted christmas complete with xmas trees, elf porn, and the everseeing eye…spying on all those children of the 3rd dimension.

– Credits –

Original artwork:  Me
Title and description text:  Mr. Gable (used without permission and hopefully forgiven!)
Color scheme/ideas inspired by:  Katn and Mr. Gable

     I don’t normally do anything special for xmas but I just couldn’t resist!  When I read the comments on hungry head they totally stuck in my head and I just ran with it.  The colorizing is a bit primitive and goofy but I just decided to have fun with it.  I did my best to achieve what was in the comments of the original post, turning the “xmas trees” green and going with the Grinch colors for Mutant Santa.

     I hope you all get a laugh from this one, that’s what it’s for!  This also turned out to be my 100th post!  Yay for me and Mutant Santa!

6 thoughts on “Mutant Santa…

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas…again. In the year 2020! YEAH!

    That is AWESOME! And I have a credit! WWWWWOOOO!!! :D

    Merry Mutant Santa Slaying Day! I hope you survive it!

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