freak accidents


     When I was finishing this up with the pole through the head I suddenly realized this reminded me of that whole Phineas Gage thing.  I guess it’s fitting this reminded me of a freak accident.  I feel like most of my drawings are freak accidents in their own right.  I usually despise planning in my artwork and I often just go with the flow when it comes to the basic shapes and ideas.  When I’m lucky, the end result is like some sort of weird, happy accident or a sort of order from chaos, if you will.

5 thoughts on “freak accidents

  1. Awesome… a noseless face! It makes me wonder if the air comes in through that yellow-tinged funnel thing on the left side of the poor fellow's head and drips out through the ends of his pointed teeth? Just a thought.
    A bah humbug xmas to you.

  2. Thanks, everyone. Tune in tomorrow. I don't normally do anything special for the 25th but I do have a bit of a silly thing I've been tinkering with that I think I'll go ahead and post for the heck of it.

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