blood brain

     Drawn in between fire woman and brain fire,  it took me a little while to warm up to this one.  I went ahead and put some finishing touches on it tonight and deemed it worthy of posting.  I guess I wasn’t real wild about this one when I first worked on it due to the fact that it felt like work.  I basically had to draw this twice.  I laid down the basic shapes with one of my gray tone markers and then went back over it with the black, fuzzy stuff.  No one to blame but myself but that’s never stopped me from getting cranky before.  Oh well, maybe I was trying to tell myself something.

3 thoughts on “blood brain

  1. Yes yes you are trying to say 'even art is hard work'

    What ever gave you the idea that art is not difficult? It is more difficult than doing anything else if you ask me. It requires a pull on the soul that is enormously uncomfortable and an evaluation of the unstructured aesthetic world using the unstructured and unknowable parts of ourselves. stirs up feelings that want to stay hidden because they are impossible to deal with. Often nothing in art makes sense and contradicts our sense of order needed not to feel queasy about the world being a dangerous and damned place. jesus fucking christ its hard. yep. I've struggled with commitment to it my entire fucking life.
    on another note…
    I have to say I am really liking this… maybe because of the limited color palette which is my personal preference or maybe because the composition and subject matter are relate-able to me. blood brains. i find comfort in it… along with lots of blackness :)

  2. I like a lot of things about this one-eyed bleeding brain. Especially the look in the eye and the fuzzy hairiness – which is so soft and wispy looking I feel like I could reach out and touch it. The softness of it also lends somewhat of a contrast to it all.

  3. Camille: You seem to be much more in touch with the true foundations of what goes into artistic creation. Reading your words, I can definitely say I agree with them. But I have always been able to logically regurgitate the right answer without having the emotional context to give it real meaning.

    Often times, I'll complete drawing after drawing, not knowing what I'm doing. Only later, when I come back to them, do I start to realize what I've done. When I was tearing the page out of my sketchbook in preparation to scan Blood Brain, I took another look at Brain Fire and I paused. It didn't seem like it was mine. It seemed like I was looking at a poster in the adult, death, rock 'n' roll and monsters section of a music store or goth fashions shop or someplace similar. I almost felt alienated from my own artwork. So I guess I'm on the right path to understanding but I'm still of the mindset that if it isn't enjoyable, it isn't worth doing. I suppose what I was really complaining about in my original post was that I wasn't able to fool myself into thinking it was fun this time around.

    Katn: When I look at all the soft, wispy stuff it just reminds me of all the work I put into it but I think you're right. It DOES lend a soft contrast to it, almost like this could be made into a weird stuffed animal, throw pillow type of thing.

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