I was going to make this the first completed work for my Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza but I am simply not that patient.  I just had to share this one because it represents a breakthrough in my use of watercolors!

     This started out as another one of my nose bleed marker drawings but I decided to use some watercolor paper and do some experimenting while I was at it.  Once I finished the drawing and basic colors with the markers, I moved on to the watercolors, fully expecting everything to smear and bleed.  To my surprise, no such thing happened.  Instead, I was very pleased with how easy (and fast) it is to colorize large areas.  The watercolors are also very effective at deemphasizing some areas while making others pop more.  All in all, I’m very excited with this new technique!  Woot!

birds in the sky

     I drew a handful of these creatures during the Sharpie craze.  I think they were just attempts to recreate what I had done in eruption, one of my all-time favorite drawings.  I can only assume that this is also a self-portrait of sorts.  Not sure what it’s all about but the birds in the sky in the background are nice.

     Oh well, that’s all I’ve got.  Thanks for taking a look.

Mutant Santa…


     …in a sick twisted christmas complete with xmas trees, elf porn, and the everseeing eye…spying on all those children of the 3rd dimension.

– Credits –

Original artwork:  Me
Title and description text:  Mr. Gable (used without permission and hopefully forgiven!)
Color scheme/ideas inspired by:  Katn and Mr. Gable

     I don’t normally do anything special for xmas but I just couldn’t resist!  When I read the comments on hungry head they totally stuck in my head and I just ran with it.  The colorizing is a bit primitive and goofy but I just decided to have fun with it.  I did my best to achieve what was in the comments of the original post, turning the “xmas trees” green and going with the Grinch colors for Mutant Santa.

     I hope you all get a laugh from this one, that’s what it’s for!  This also turned out to be my 100th post!  Yay for me and Mutant Santa!

freak accidents


     When I was finishing this up with the pole through the head I suddenly realized this reminded me of that whole Phineas Gage thing.  I guess it’s fitting this reminded me of a freak accident.  I feel like most of my drawings are freak accidents in their own right.  I usually despise planning in my artwork and I often just go with the flow when it comes to the basic shapes and ideas.  When I’m lucky, the end result is like some sort of weird, happy accident or a sort of order from chaos, if you will.

buggy bugs

     Back in ye olde days of the Sharpie craze I drew this little pair of bugs perched on some dragon breath.  They seem to have a definite enthusiasm to them, like they’re at a football game or something and they’re all like, “Woooo!  Go Packers!!”



     Here is my latest.  I seem to be digging on this exposed, bloody brain stuff.  Also seemed to have thrown in a gratuitous peen for good measure.

     Man, I’ve been cranky lately.  I think it’s because the Thanksgiving break, pleasantly snuck up on me like ninja and now the Christmas break is on its way here like a sloth on quaaludes.  Yeeaarrgh, I’m impatient!  Oh well, I guess things could be worse.

first page

     This is the first page of the sketchbook I started over 7 years ago in the midst of the Sharpie craze in full swing.  This is the very same sketchbook that I’m just a few short pages away from finishing here in the near future.  I guess it’s not much of a milestone but it is yet another one of the fascinating bits of trivia I try to give to you, my gentle and attractive readers.

the heart in my chest

     Here’s my latest completed work in the new nose bleed style.  This turned out to be an amalgam of past and present components.  I also noticed during the early stages of this drawing (while the bones were just hanging in space, before I added the fuzzy connective tissue) some definite foothead influences.  I’m not surprised.  If you’ve read my Links tab, you know I find his work inspiring.

     Anyway, I also did some experimenting with my new fine tip color markers, which was fun.  There’s nothing like a brand new marker, let alone a whole pack!  Oh well, not much more to say.  Thanks for taking a look.  Enjoy!

rygar hanging

     More stuff from my past.  The creature at the bottom was probably the result of me playing the original NES Rygar game too much.  Looks a little like one of the level bosses.  I loved Rygar.  There was no time limit, no score, just a quest to complete and you could take your own sweet time.  My kinda game.

     Anyway, I’m sure there’s lots of symbolism in this one but I’ve never really gave it much thought.  Maybe the little guy hanging below and inside the powerful beast man is supposed to be my vulnerable, inner self, preferring to die rather than face the difficulties and pain of life.  Or maybe he’s just too tired from playing Rygar.

spire of doom

     It’s the Spire of Doooom!  It reaches up into the skyyyyyyy!  It’s opening a portal to helllllll!  So Satan can screw us with his cooooock!

     Okay, I’ll stop now.  I only drew one of these things, unless this counts as a Spire of Doom.  I really need to get back to these fast drawings.  Lately, I’ve been bogged down with fussy details and color experimentation.  I think it’s getting on my nerves.

blood brain

     Drawn in between fire woman and brain fire,  it took me a little while to warm up to this one.  I went ahead and put some finishing touches on it tonight and deemed it worthy of posting.  I guess I wasn’t real wild about this one when I first worked on it due to the fact that it felt like work.  I basically had to draw this twice.  I laid down the basic shapes with one of my gray tone markers and then went back over it with the black, fuzzy stuff.  No one to blame but myself but that’s never stopped me from getting cranky before.  Oh well, maybe I was trying to tell myself something.

obstructed view

     Here’s my latest nose bleed stuff.  This is too fresh for me to say anything insightful about but I’m guessing the obstructed view of the eyeball might have something to do with the floater I’ve had in my left eye for about a year now.  It’s like having a permanent piece of lint floating around inside your eyeball.  The eye doctor said it was a pretty common occurrence for near-sighted eyes.  I can at least take comfort that it won’t happen in my far-sighted right eye (not kidding).  When getting my prescription filled I was once told by the office tech who was copying down my prescription onto the form for the glasses that it reminded them of a test question they once had in school.  I believe them too.  My left lens is concave and the right convex, making one eye look smaller than the other.  Sheesh, I’m surprised they’re both the same color!

     And I’ve just rambled on for a whole fucking paragraph.  I’ll shut the hell up now.  Thanks for stopping by Vincent’s Handmade Eyeballs.

crazy cats

     Here’s some quick, cat cuties from my past.  This is a sample grab off of one of the three pages that were in between this and this, believe it or not.  I’ve always been a cat person so they tend to creep into my work in one way or another.  I’m all like, “Death, skeletons, death, insanity… Aww!  Lookit da cute kittehs!  Puking, porn, death, porn, porn…”