teen scream

     Here’s a moldy-oldy for all ya’lls.  This is the oldest drawing that I still have lying around.  It’s been creased, torn and abused by time.  It expresses my teenage angst very well and I drew this when I was 17 years old.

     That was 23 fucking years ago.  My wife and I started having the hot, naked, sexors 21 years ago and if fate had taken a different turn we could have a child right now who’d be just about ready to graduate college.  And then we’d have to kill them.  Considering how college turned out less than successful for us without kids, it would have been an even bigger quagmire of despair, failure and disappointment if we had been raising a child.

     Anyway, that’s enough about that.  Thanks for your time, folks.  I appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “teen scream

  1. Ah dude! It's the ultimate warrior!

    j/k. That's awesome that you have kept this with you for so long. It's always fun to glance through old stuff, especially when it comes to things like this, to see what kind of mindset you were during that time in your life. This is cool. Love the face rippage.

  2. Gable: Yeah, that's one of the big parts of what this blog is about. I need to remind myself of where I came from so I might have some idea of where I'm currently heading.

    Katn: Over the years we've often referred to our relationship as “monogamy out of spite” but I suppose it is a little on the remarkable side that we've been together this long, especially when you hear about people casually talking about their “starter marriages” as if they never even considered the possibility of attempting to work things out with their spouse.

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