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  1. I understand you are hoping for feedback. The idea of feedback has made me think a little bit because some time ago I made the decision to do art because I wanted to do it and for no other reason. This decision came from a soup pot of unexplainable mixed emotions that drove me in and out of doing it in the first place. I decided it was easier to just do it for me and let the rest of the world do what it wanted with it, even if that was nothing at all.
    This may not be the best philosophy, but it helped me and my art survive through some difficult times.

    So, in thinking about giving feedback which is something I had relegated to a back shelf along with getting feedback I'll attempt it because you asked for it:

    The way I look at art is more about trying to determine the effect it has on me than trying to determine what the artist intended. I think the artist's intentions are his own concern, or that of his therapist.
    The effect this piece has on me… or my observation is that of a man that wants to be seen in all his glory (the nudity) and wants to be respected (the scary appearance of horns protruding from his body). I feel as though he is not entirely sure what kind of reaction his expressiveness might cause, but there are little mouths bearing fangs on his arms which are raised to protect him in case of danger. Of course the arrow seems to be an invitation to talk about it so here I am interpreting it in this way.
    There seems to be a great deal of courage in this image. The facial expression is fearful but the actions are daring. I think this image says A GREAT DEAL. Unlike a lot of 'fluffy' art which says next to nothing except that 'cats' are nice or 'good feelings' are nice.
    My personal feeling is that I like this piece a lot. Even if it is kind of primitive and ugly. That's just my personal elitism. LOL.

    There. I hope that was honest enough for you.


  2. Hmm. Well, it's rather difficult to compete with such an insighful assessment by Camille, so I will just say that the festering wound on the right arm has me concerned.

    Is that an eyeball on the left arm? I thought so.

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

  3. Camille: Thanks for your insights. I often attempt to figure out what's happening in my artworks years after I create them, as enough time has passed to where I feel like I can view them objectively. I have to say that I agree with your assessment or, at the very least, it's definitely an analysis that makes sense.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort, I appreciate your honesty.

    Katn: The weekend is going quite well! I've completed two more new works (still futzing around with color) and I just went out and bought some fine tip color markers for some added detail and a broader selection of color choices.

    I trust you and your friends survived the annual debauchery? : )

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