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     Here’s some more of my drawing backstory from high school.  Strong dad influences in this one (and, for some reason, a dash of Marlon Brando).  Also some beastman type stuff going on in there, probably from watching too many episodes of Manimal.

     Anyway, my dad got one of his eyes shot out with a bee-bee gun as a kid.  He apparently had a glass eye for a while when he was younger but by the time I knew him he was sporting an eye patch.  That combined with his dark, curly hair gave him a decidedly pirate look.  Thinking about it now, he would’ve looked much more awesome if he’d had a semi-translucent plate riveted over his bad eye, as pictured above.  Would’ve given him a much cooler, cyborg, road warrior look.

3 thoughts on “manimal cyborg dad

  1. Your father has exquisite bone structure. At least that's what Tyra Banks would say.

    You are one of the very few people I “know” who remembers the show Manimal. I knew it was very short lived, so just looked it up – only ran for 8 episodes.

  2. I was too damned busy earlier to comment on this…but that's awesome. It even pulls inspiration for me to outline a bad movie from it. Cyborg Werewolf: Adventures through the Dimension of Lost Souls.

    It'll write itself!

  3. KATN: Yeah, I always used to get pissed watching Manimal as a kid when he transformed into an eagle and his hands would turn onto the clawed talons instead of his feet.

    Gable: That'd be a great “resurrection” sequel to Wolf Cop when Thomerson finally gets killed by Dolf Lundgren and has to be brought back to life with cybernetic implants.

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