hot head

     I think I’m getting more comfortable with this whole color thing.  I recently bought some fine point markers with a little broader range of colors.  Hopefully I’ll be able to reign all this in and start getting closer to producing the vivid images I have floating around in my head.

     I’ve also decided to tentatively name this new, developing style “nose bleed” since that’s the drawing that started it all.

5 thoughts on “hot head

  1. Hot head is a very fitting title. That's what I'm seeing here…lots of anger and frustration just exploding all over the place. Kind of like me at Black Friday.

    Love the colors and the drawing is one of your best!

  2. You know, looking at this I am reminded of one or two of my old art school teachers (which is strange because I don't actually recall going to art school, lol). Somehow I hear them telling me (as if this were my drawing) how to make it better. Not sure if this kind of feedback would interest you, but I'll give it a try.

    The strong points in this piece are the eyeball and the grayish area around the eye, as if the skin were peeling away from it because the eye is so acidic (or something like that), the mouth shaped into a low growl and the blood dripping from it, either he has just munched on some flesh, or he is clenching his jaw so hard his gums are bleeding, and the black rooted fiery tendrils shooting upward from his head suggesting an organized look to this creature. I think these strong points are dulled a little by the yellow stuff which kind of looks likes leaves on his face and head. Although I believe this is probably not what you were looking to portray. Perhaps if there were a source of yellow to help imagine what they were representing it might help tie them into the image better. What's really missing here for me is space. There is a lot going on in a really crowded space. The tendrils from the back of the head are really lost and are potentially much stronger than the yellow coming from the eyes. If this guy had some more white space around him he'd really get stronger. Personally, I dislike colour and try to use it really sparingly. The red makes sense here, but I'm kind of confused by the yellow… in my opinion.
    As a point of interest, the little hairy bits protruding here and there seem really cool and definitely stylistic to your work.

  3. Wow, thanks for all the compliments, everyone! And, Camille, don't worry about giving constructive criticism. Considering the gaps I've had in my art education and real world experience any feedback regarding design and technique is more than welcome here.

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