While I do have more Sharpie craze works to come from my past and probably more new entries into that style yet to be drawn, this particular drawing is the very last entry from the initial run in my 30’s.

     It’s sort of a culmination of the style in some ways.  It’s got the skellie hand, the sex parts, the crying, puking and drooling.  Also feathery-type stuff and crackling energy or force fields and the ever-fussy details and fuzzy bits all in one convenient package.  I remember trying to scan this bitch of a drawing years ago when I first attempted a web page of sorts for my artwork.  I just couldn’t get the two halves to line up properly and it really pissed me off at the time.  Last night, however, I was finally able to get it to work.

     Anyhoo, thanks for taking a look.  Stay tuned, as I have another entry into the redux series coming soon.

3 thoughts on “culmination

  1. Wow this absolutely blows my mind. As I looked at the drawing I was like…hmmm…it would appear to me that this is a mixture of a lot of things from previous drawings thrown together and out of each corner there are seperate forces…maybe like the nexus in Star Trek: Generations, converging on one another and sweeping away everything in the middle. Basically starting over with a fresh canvas.

    And then you mentioned its your last drawing of that period. That's fucking insane.

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