hot head

     I think I’m getting more comfortable with this whole color thing.  I recently bought some fine point markers with a little broader range of colors.  Hopefully I’ll be able to reign all this in and start getting closer to producing the vivid images I have floating around in my head.

     I’ve also decided to tentatively name this new, developing style “nose bleed” since that’s the drawing that started it all.

chicken skellie

     I think it’s a chicken skellie.  Some sort of bird-like creature anyway.  Not really sure what the hell is going on in this one, I just like how my chicken skellie turned out…

     Or maybe it’s a turkey skellie!  Ha!  This was a 100% by chance coincidence that this post fell on today of all days.  I’ve had this sitting around in my drafts for about a week now.  Complete accident, I tell you.  Anyway, here’s some more incidental stuff from the backstory of ye olde Sharpie craze and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t drawn on Thanksgiving, but who knows!

     Thanks to all of you who’ve taken an interest in my efforts and have a great holiday.

chalkboard nude


     When I first completed this drawing I recall it making me pretty uncomfortable at the time.  I think it was because it was a little too honest of a self-portrait in some ways.  Obviously, I’m much more comfortable with it now, although I’m still not sure what the whole tornado-like thing is supposed to be.

     As far as the digital effects go, this was another one of my happy accidents.  After a quick auto-adjust of the colors I flipped the negative tweak and, whamo, chalkboard!  Who knew?

fire woman


     Someone once said that Lynyrd Skynyrd had only two songs:  Freebird and Not Freebird.  Similarly, I think The Cult also had only two songs:  Fire Woman and Sounds Like Fire Woman, am I right?  Anyway, here’s my fiery woman.  I guess she’s more of a monster than a woman but, hey, I’d hit it.

     This started out as another one of my super hairy creature drawings but then I started fiddling around with the colors post scan.  Honestly, I kind of stumbled upon this color scheme but it really caught my eye so I ran with it.  I’m glad I did because it completely transformed the drawing.  The fuzzy suddenly turned into flames.  I couldn’t have planned this better in a million years.  I love happy accidents!

peen, hand, tongue and mouth


     This is one of my favorites mainly due to the stylized peen I drew up there in the corner.  I’m also proud of myself for turning what started out as a random squiggle into the pointing hand at the bottom.  Oh sure, I also drew a snorting monster with a vagina ear that’s about bite the hand that licks it but who cares?  Peen and hand, man!

     Heh, maybe I need to go jerk off.

teen scream

     Here’s a moldy-oldy for all ya’lls.  This is the oldest drawing that I still have lying around.  It’s been creased, torn and abused by time.  It expresses my teenage angst very well and I drew this when I was 17 years old.

     That was 23 fucking years ago.  My wife and I started having the hot, naked, sexors 21 years ago and if fate had taken a different turn we could have a child right now who’d be just about ready to graduate college.  And then we’d have to kill them.  Considering how college turned out less than successful for us without kids, it would have been an even bigger quagmire of despair, failure and disappointment if we had been raising a child.

     Anyway, that’s enough about that.  Thanks for your time, folks.  I appreciate it.

hungry head


     Last night I just realized that this drawing is a self-portrait.  When I was perusing more of my Sharpie craze stuff, trying to decide what to post next, I noticed this drawing was immediately followed by this.  It’s almost like the above work is an unconscious representation of the state of my mind that led to the crazed death porno work.

     Here it is, over 7 years later and I’m still having to figure this shit out.



     While I do have more Sharpie craze works to come from my past and probably more new entries into that style yet to be drawn, this particular drawing is the very last entry from the initial run in my 30’s.

     It’s sort of a culmination of the style in some ways.  It’s got the skellie hand, the sex parts, the crying, puking and drooling.  Also feathery-type stuff and crackling energy or force fields and the ever-fussy details and fuzzy bits all in one convenient package.  I remember trying to scan this bitch of a drawing years ago when I first attempted a web page of sorts for my artwork.  I just couldn’t get the two halves to line up properly and it really pissed me off at the time.  Last night, however, I was finally able to get it to work.

     Anyhoo, thanks for taking a look.  Stay tuned, as I have another entry into the redux series coming soon.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #5

     Here’s my latest.  Still getting Halloween out of my system…  or maybe I’m just missing it.  Yeah, I’m missing it (sigh).  Sheesh, I’m pathetic.

     Anyway, this skellie seems to be dancing.  And smiling.  And having a good time.  What the hell, man!?  I seem to be losing my morbidity or some shit.  I must be fluxing.  Meh.

art and horror

     If you haven’t already, take a look-see at my new Links tab and don’t forget to stop by A.D. Art and check out Aquilus’ totally boss jack-o-lanterns (best viewed full size and full screen).  Now for my latest nonsensical ramblings:

     This drawing is one I could’ve easily used for my Octoberween efforts if my hand had taken longer to heal up.  It seems the majority of my art quite easily fits into the horror category, although it took a little while for me to warm up to the idea.

     I’d always thought of my art (particularly the Sharpie craze) as my own personal confrontation with my inner demons and emotional issues.  Not a horror movie full of screams and gore but an exploration of my most secret desires involving sex, violence, isolation, anger, regret, jealousy, etc.  When you think about it, though, that kind of content and more is the basis of all good horror.  I guess I’m just too close to my art the vast majority of the time to see it objectively.

manimal cyborg dad

     Here’s some more of my drawing backstory from high school.  Strong dad influences in this one (and, for some reason, a dash of Marlon Brando).  Also some beastman type stuff going on in there, probably from watching too many episodes of Manimal.

     Anyway, my dad got one of his eyes shot out with a bee-bee gun as a kid.  He apparently had a glass eye for a while when he was younger but by the time I knew him he was sporting an eye patch.  That combined with his dark, curly hair gave him a decidedly pirate look.  Thinking about it now, he would’ve looked much more awesome if he’d had a semi-translucent plate riveted over his bad eye, as pictured above.  Would’ve given him a much cooler, cyborg, road warrior look.