pumpkin patch, 2 of 3

     After my initial experimentation with my newly acquired gray tones I settled down a bit and made these little guys.  Despite my best efforts they seemed to have turned out more adorable than creepy.

     Adorable because they seem to be honestly scared.  Frightened out of their cute little pumpkin skulls.  So often in real life fear manifests itself as anger, intolerance, stubbornness or other similar emotions that so conveniently feign strength.  People often choose to lie and appear strong, while the more natural reaction of honest fear is often regarded as a sign of weakness.

     Feh, I’ll stop philosophizing and just say that’s one of the great things about Halloween.  We get to go around and be scary and get scared and don’t have to worry about what people think of us.  And it’s fun.

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