i’m not scared, my eyes always look like this

     Drawn during the same session as my Ghoulie Ghouls, I didn’t include this one in the series since it just turned out looking more like some scared dude than a ghoul.  I guess somebody had to be frightened of all the ghouls I was drawing at the time.

3 thoughts on “i’m not scared, my eyes always look like this

  1. There's one of three things going on here.

    1-He just opened up the credit card bill and that hooker that took his credit card made some very large purchases.

    2-He very possibly just shit his pants.

    3-Just finished watching Troll 2. This is how I look after Troll 2.

  2. Gable: Since I haven't seen Troll 2 I'm going to go with option #2. Whatever he's experiencing with that expression on his face most likely is accompanied by stinky unders.

    ZR: Conversely, if that's the expression you have on your face on your wedding night then your unders are likely being soiled with a completely different bodily substance.

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