ghoulie ghouls, 2 of 3

     I’m enjoying the combo of gray and black markers.  It’s an easy way to add both depth and speed to my drawings.  Cranking these out, fast and spontaneous, was a very freeing experience.  I get so meticulous sometimes and it can eventually start to get on my nerves.

     I hope you’re enjoying my Ghoulie Ghouls trilogy.  I’ve tried to save the best for last.  Stay tuned for more Octoberween fun.

2 thoughts on “ghoulie ghouls, 2 of 3

  1. Another win for Vincent! I love the absolute terror in this chick's face. Yep…I see this as a chick…maybe the eyelashes? It just seems that way to me. But regardless…very cool drawing! I like how it seems to be melting too.

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