ghoulie ghouls, 1 of 3

     I sat myself down in front of my ghoulie ghoul Halloween decorations and cranked out some drawings over this past weekend.  I’m flyin’ by the seat of my pants this October but, dammit, I’m gonna contribute to the festivities as best I can!

     I have to say I’m excited and pleased with the drawings I completed.  This one in particular gives me the total deja vu for some reason.  I think it’s the fuzzy eyebrows and frowny eye sockets.  It’s almost like I’ve drawn something very similar to it before.  I’ll have to leaf through my sketchbooks when I get around to it.  Man, these felt good.  It was almost like I was back in a college drawing class putting forth a sincere effort and trying to improve myself.  Good stuff, man.

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