fuzzy skeletonians redux #1

     Our hero, Kung Fu Skellie, leaps through the fuzzy opening of the cave and readies himself for battle!  Confronted by his adversary, he assumes the stance of his chosen Hairy Bone style!  The fuzzy opening of the cave suddenly becomes moist and begins to close in around him and…  and…

     And I think it’s quite obvious what the central theme of this drawing is.  I’m nothing if not consistent.

     Anyway, here’s my latest series.  It’s nothing too ground breaking for me but I wanted to revisit my fuzzy skellies because I enjoy drawing them and I wanted to continue working with my new gray tones.  I’m not sure how long this current run will last but I have at least one more after this one.  I’ll keep posting them as long as they keep coming to me.

3 thoughts on “fuzzy skeletonians redux #1

  1. You can also see this as he's being sucked into some kind of white void. Like some cyclops is fighting to escape it and suddenly…all his skin is ripped off and he's all like, “holy shit!” and now he's in the process of being warped and sucked into the void…to where? Fuzzy Skellie will soon find out.

  2. Stacia: You're right. His left knee cap even seems to have the profile of an alien face on it. Who knew?

    Gable: Another good observation. The skin got ripped off but the hair remains… Eww, gross!

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