destructive creation


     Draw shortly after Torso Man, this is early evidence that I was already in the habit of artistically tearing apart my previous creations.  I didn’t realize it at the time, of course, but looking back it’s quite obvious.  This 20/20 hindsight, however, wasn’t really developed until recently.

     Earlier this month, when I posted Bone Pile, I received some very valuable input in the comments which helped me realize my tendency towards ripping apart and possibly reassembling my creations.  While the thought of destruction and creation both being parts of the same whole isn’t an unfamiliar concept to me, having that dynamic illustrated to me via my own artwork was quite an illuminating experience.  In short, blogging rules.

      Haha, Octoberween!  I’ve made it this far.  Just nine more posts and you’ll be my bitch!  Woot!

4 thoughts on “destructive creation

  1. I like the layers on this one. The handless arm, that hand in the upper left readying to take everything away, that dude in the middle like, “WTF guys! Help me out here!” and then Mothra over there coming in to murder the lot of em.

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