demon bird

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     Here’s my latest watercolor experimentation.  I actually went out and bought some 90lb. watercolor paper and I have to say it makes a big difference.  You can work a little wetter and don’t have to wait for stuff to dry before adding layers.  Also, much less warping when dry.

     As for content, this didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted.  I’m still quite the novice painter and a wet, soft brush doesn’t lend itself as easily to the hard, fast lines I’m accustomed to in my marker drawings.  While this demon bird creature doesn’t look friendly, he’s definitely not as menacing as I had hoped for.  Looks more like a Mardi Gras parade costume than a voracious demon from hell attempting to devour your soul.  Oh well, I’m still learning.

     I hope Demon Bird has added a little fuzzy, feathery interest to your day as we slide into the final days of October.

3 thoughts on “demon bird

  1. I agree it turned out fabulous. Those teeth are menacing enough all by themselves. You should whip this up into costume form for halloween and scare the crap out of any trick or treaters. I'm no artist by any means, but I did dabble in some painting in my youth. Watercolor is a difficult medium and takes some getting used to, no doubt. You seem to be doing a fine job thus far. Kudos.

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