bone pile

     I was gonna let this one ripen a little but it’s Octoberween and I’ve got to pull out all the stops if I’m going to get 31 images out to you guys (I’m already one behind as it is which will require a double-header post at some point, possibly this weekend).

     The pile o’ bones here was simply drawn with markers and tweaked slightly with my image editor of choice.  While it’s not as delightfully absurd as an Evil Bong I hope it nonetheless adds a little creepy, weirdness to your day.

4 thoughts on “bone pile

  1. ahahahah Evil Bong spot. That's awesome.

    I like this picture for a variety of reasons. First it's bones and it looks like this dude got ripped apart. Second, I like how as I start at the top and scroll down it almost seems to achieve coherence…like this pile of bones is rebuilding itself into some new creature. Like all the frayed ends at the top are reaching out to one another…pulling themselves together. I like it.

  2. I'm not 100% clear on the exact inspiration. I did have the idea of a pile of bones before I started but once I got going it all happened pretty organically.

    You comment made me take a harder look though, and I think part of what's going on is my style in a state of flux. It's almost like this drawing is my attempt to rip apart my previous creations (i.e. torso man, cyclops), leaving the bones lying around, still fuzzy and frayed. Perhaps preparing to rebuild or discard them altogether.

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