pumpkin guts, beer and shadowzone

     Booyah!  It’s Hallowfuckingween!  This makes my 31st Halloween-specific post this month containing original artwork by yours truly and I couldn’t be more tickled with myself!

      What I have for you today is the result of my latest pumpkin carving efforts and a little amateur video.  From the makers of Flickering In The Dark, comes a new short film:

The players:

Corey Feldpumpkin

Jack “I Love My Job” O’Lantern

     I apologize for the embarrassing names but my brain is a bit fried from having to work Saturday, two beers, way too much Chinese delivery and my first viewing of the Full Moon classic, Shadowzone.  Not a bad flick, by the way.  Some pretty decent sci-fi, horror action plus boobies and wang.

     Well, my hands still smell like pumpkin guts and I’m awfully greasy from a day’s work so I’m going to go stagger into the shower.  Thanks so much for stopping by and have an amazing Halloween.

the end is nigh!

     Well, here we are.  The month is all but gone and it looks like I’m going to make it.  What started out as a half-hearted, “Yeah, sure, I’ll participate in the Halloween blogging festivities” has turned into quite the experience for me.

     I’ve thrown myself into my artwork this month.  I’ve learned I can apply a kind of work ethic to my art.  I’ve made new contacts with fellow artists, made new net friends and had a blast in general.  I want to thank everyone for their support and for the great content on your respective blogs.  I also appreciate you guys putting up with my sometimes awkward comments.  This is my very first blog and my Net Fu is rather weak when it comes to the blogging community in general.

     Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough.  I just want to say it’s been great and I’m already looking forward to next year.  Tomorrow I plan to carve my final pumpkins of the season with pics and video to follow!

sorority death party

     Loosely inspired by Zombie Rust’s Uncle Satan, I just finished this minutes ago because I am awesome (and humble).  I can still smell the marker fumes…  and cantaloupes are walking on my eyes!

     This kinda looks like a scene from a cheesy horror movie with a floating, hairy skull demon terrorizing a sorority pool party, bake sale, wet t-shirt contest.  Written, directed and produced by Charles Band, of course.

     Holy bejeezus crap!  There’s only two more days left in October.  I am both relieved and saddened by this fact.

demon bird

(click for full size)

     Here’s my latest watercolor experimentation.  I actually went out and bought some 90lb. watercolor paper and I have to say it makes a big difference.  You can work a little wetter and don’t have to wait for stuff to dry before adding layers.  Also, much less warping when dry.

     As for content, this didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted.  I’m still quite the novice painter and a wet, soft brush doesn’t lend itself as easily to the hard, fast lines I’m accustomed to in my marker drawings.  While this demon bird creature doesn’t look friendly, he’s definitely not as menacing as I had hoped for.  Looks more like a Mardi Gras parade costume than a voracious demon from hell attempting to devour your soul.  Oh well, I’m still learning.

     I hope Demon Bird has added a little fuzzy, feathery interest to your day as we slide into the final days of October.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #4


     Much like the undead creatures it depicts, this damn redux series just won’t die (god, I hate typing that subject line!).  Anyway, thanks to God, Greyhound and Tim Thomerson my drawing/painting hand is feeling just fine and here’s my latest, hot off the scanner.

     Maybe I’m just flattering myself but I think this fuzzy skellie in particular is the most badass of the redux series thus far.  I was very happy to be creating something new for the final stretch of Octoberween and I put my enthusiasm to work, giving this guy all the energy I could.

     Tune in tomorrow for my latest watercolor creation.  Woot!

skull ghosts and dollman

     This one just screamed out to be negative-ized so that’s what I did.  Had to experiment for a minute to get the right shade of color that’s the opposite of the nice electric blue you see here but I think it worked out well enough.  The blue makes my little skully guy look a bit ghost-like.

     Last night I gave my drawing hand a good hot soak while watching Dollman and I think the raw power and undeniable charisma of Tim Thomerson helped my hand heal up a bit.  I hope to resume my Octoberween drawing efforts tomorrow!

plantar fasciitis and hairy monsters

     Meet my crouching monster, with his winning smile, tufts of attractive hair and spiky boots.  Incidentally, this is also one of the ways to cure your plantar fasciitis, except you should be on a flat surface and not on the crushed body parts of those who would defy you.

     Thought I’d fiddle around with this one digitally to at least give it a new look and some color.  Kinda low-key tonight so I’ll stop here.  Thanks for taking a look.

my mind and a flying brick


     Here’s another one of my India ink experiments, including a ghoul face, a spider type thing and a, well… a flying brick.  Yeah, I dunno, man.  Sometimes I wonder about myself.

     Despite the self-mockery, this is definitely one of my personal favorites.  The way the ghoul seems to drool a stream of consciousness of disfigured shapes, vomiting mouths, tortured mini-skeletons and, of course, peen.  There might also be a slight amount of bitterness being expressed with the vomiting happy birthday creature.  Just another day in the life of my mind from the past decade.

     I have to say I’m enjoying using some of my past works for the current run of my Octoberpalooza.  I’m definitely going to set aside and save up images all year long for next year.  Makes for a much more relaxed celebration.

destructive creation


     Draw shortly after Torso Man, this is early evidence that I was already in the habit of artistically tearing apart my previous creations.  I didn’t realize it at the time, of course, but looking back it’s quite obvious.  This 20/20 hindsight, however, wasn’t really developed until recently.

     Earlier this month, when I posted Bone Pile, I received some very valuable input in the comments which helped me realize my tendency towards ripping apart and possibly reassembling my creations.  While the thought of destruction and creation both being parts of the same whole isn’t an unfamiliar concept to me, having that dynamic illustrated to me via my own artwork was quite an illuminating experience.  In short, blogging rules.

      Haha, Octoberween!  I’ve made it this far.  Just nine more posts and you’ll be my bitch!  Woot!

memories of feathers

     Well, the bad news is my right hand is starting to weaken from all the jerking off drawing I’ve been doing this month.  The good news is I dug deep into my sketchbooks and found a few more unposted past works that can be safely put into the horror/Halloween category.  They may not be new but they’re at least new to you, and that’s fair play in my book.  At this point in the month I’m not looking to place, I just hope to finish the marathon.  If that means I have to end up using my left hand (the stranger) to complete a few drawings then so be it.

     This work is among some of the last I completed during the initial run of the Sharpie craze in my 30’s.  I may have to revisit the quickly drawn feathers on either side of this guy’s face.  I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed that sort of thing.  Perhaps I’ll try to do a fallen angel theme, building on the idea I created with dickhead.  It’s a thought.

crazy bones

     First off, I’d like to welcome the new followers I’ve gotten his month.  It’s great to connect with people of similar interests and pursuits!

     I’ve decided to go ahead and end the redux series since I seem to be drifting away from actual skellies (not to mention typing that thing out in the subject line every time was starting to get on my nerves).

     What I have for you today, while fuzzy, is really more reminiscent of the more general category of the Sharpie craze than anything else.  Not strictly part of the craze, this was definitely drawn in the same sort of style.  I also find it encouraging that I was able to think of the idea of the bones converging on the skull in the center before I started the drawing.  Most of the time my drawings just sort of happen and I don’t know what I’m going to end up creating until it’s done.

     I better stop rambling for now.  Thanks for taking a peek.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #3

     More of a skully than a skellie, Bonehead here was drawn using seventeen different types of llamas.  Or maybe it was just three different shades of gray markers and two sizes of black markers.  I’ll let you decide.

     As for content, perhaps the bones on either side of the skull are depicting the self-imposed pressure that I have on myself this month.  I know that sounds a bit like whining but I’m going to keep up the pace, as I find it interesting that I am able to apply a kind of work ethic to my artwork lately.  This is something I’ve never really had the desire to do before and it sheds a new light on possibilities regarding my life as an artist.

     Enough about me.  I hope Bonehead has brought a little fuzzy light into your fine October day.  Thanks and enjoy.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #2

     This skellie ended up being a bit more fleshy than what I usually draw.  He also seems to be happily doing aerobics or some shit.  What the hell, man!?  I just drew this yesterday, so hell if I know what’s going on with it.

     There’s more to come in this series.  Stay tuned as I continue to square off with Octoberween.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #1

     Our hero, Kung Fu Skellie, leaps through the fuzzy opening of the cave and readies himself for battle!  Confronted by his adversary, he assumes the stance of his chosen Hairy Bone style!  The fuzzy opening of the cave suddenly becomes moist and begins to close in around him and…  and…

     And I think it’s quite obvious what the central theme of this drawing is.  I’m nothing if not consistent.

     Anyway, here’s my latest series.  It’s nothing too ground breaking for me but I wanted to revisit my fuzzy skellies because I enjoy drawing them and I wanted to continue working with my new gray tones.  I’m not sure how long this current run will last but I have at least one more after this one.  I’ll keep posting them as long as they keep coming to me.

color tasks me, and i shall have it

     No… Color. The game’s not over.  To the last, I will grapple with thee!  From hell’s heart, I stab at thee!  For hate’s sake…  I spit my last breath at thee!

     I’ll admit it.  Color is the great white whale to my Khan of art.  It is something that I am both very familiar with yet seem to know nothing about.  Sorta like the tag line for the Othello board game:  “A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.”  What you see above is one of my Halloween decorations I threw on the scanner and added a dark t-shirt over it to give it a nice background.  While I think it turned out well, it definitely wasn’t an easy or pleasurable process.  All of these colors were experimented with and hard fought choices on my part.  However, this is something I need to do more often if I am to have any hope of bringing my artworks to the level I aspire to.

     This started out as a little color experimentation and ended up what is now due to my still having Andy Warhol on the brain from yesterday’s post.  I know there’s differing opinions regarding Warhol, and with good reason, but I’m proud to say that I am definitely of the slant that the man was a fucking genius.  He understood the very essential, basic nature of art and artists.  He was a master of color, repetition and design.  He also exhibited an insanely firm grasp and awareness of subjectivity in his art, giving it such a global accessibility and appeal.  If I can achieve in my art even a small fraction of the scope that Warhol was able to I would be very satisfied.

     I’ll wrap this up by saying that I hope my Octoberween efforts so far this month have been worth your time.  Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest.

flickering in the dark

     As promised yesterday, here’s the video. Nothing too exciting, just some nice, soothing flickering:

     The roaring sound in the background is the air purifier in the living room.  I just let the camera sit there and tried to draw out the jack-o-lantern’s very soul!  Sorta like one of those Andy Warhol living portrait films where he persuaded people to just sit in front of the camera and do whatever they wanted.

first of the season!

     Guess what I did.  Yessiree, I carved me up a pumpkin!  Here’s the photo, as promised.  I wish I could jam this whole thing into my wireless adapter and send you all a real life copy of it so you can smell the fresh pumpkin rind and see the candles flickering.  Actually, I also shot some video tonight and as soon as I can get that bad boy uploaded to the YouTube you actually will be able to see the candles flickering!  We’ll just have to wait for them to invent the Scenternet and YouStink before you can experience the fresh smell of pumpkin rind.  Oh wait!  You can carve your own pumpkin, right?  Right!?  Go carve and pumpkin and post the dang picture/video!  Go, man, go!