muppet eyeball head

     Here’s my latest watercolor creation.  Yes, it’s watercolor paint.  Yes, I know I tried to make it look like a Sharpie marker.  I wimped out a little but I got some good practice in.  It takes a lot of care to get the kind of lines you want with a wet brush.  I remember back in college, when I had dreams of being this great ceramic artist/sculptor, I used to think that 2D compositions were for posers.  I had particular disdain for painters but now, every time I pick up a brush, my respect for them grows and grows.  Not only respect but an increased understanding of what makes painting so alluring.

     This is truly a wonderful and complex medium to work with, as such, it’s a little intimidating which is why I limited myself to only black and to a very familiar subject matter and style for this composition.  I do like the new level of fuzzy effects I was able to create with a brush.  In contrast to the coarser hairs I produce with a marker, a brush goes beyond fuzzy in the realm of full-on furry.  Like muppet levels of furry.  I mean just look at this guy, he’s almost lovable with his wispy eyelashes and tufts of fur! (The original looks better, as I had unusual amounts of difficultly with the scanning process this time around.)

     Well, I’ll stop jabbering now.  Thanks for joining me in my painting experiment.

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