lust mouth


     Next in the Crazed Death Porno lineup we have good old-fashioned lust.  I’m not sure as to the specifics but lust is definitely the central theme here, methinks.  Personally, I react more to the face than anything else; the wild eye and the fleshy mouth protrusions…

     (The keen observer might note that I’m reacting to this piece as though I didn’t create it.  I did, in fact, draw this damn thing but fuck if I know what I was doing at the time!  I have to create this shit and come back to it later if I hope to have a chance at divining a semi-accurate meaning.)

     Sure, there’s an enormous, erect, ejaculating penis but that alone isn’t all that significant to me when viewing this composition.  It’s that fucking face, giving you the side-eye like some sort of strange, mutated bull that would turn and charge you if it wasn’t attached to that rock-like base.

     On a calmer, more curious note, I have to wonder what that wavy, electric, forcefield-type thing I drew around him is.  This is something I’ve drawn before but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a protective thing, something that is emanating from the subject or just an excuse for me to scribble a wavy circular design around the composition to give it a finishing touch.  I guess I’ll leave that one up to you.

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