Good ol’ Dickhead.  Part fallen angel, part crybaby, part undead abomination.  The main thought that enters my mind regarding this composition is the question: “Was the penis really necessary?”  In some ways I consider this one to be among the best of the craze, but I have my doubts because I can’t determine if I added the penis in order to provoke a cheap reaction or if it’s an essential part of the whole.

     In an effort to find an answer to this question, I created an edited version while I was preparing the original for posting.  Comparing the two, I think, reveals that he doesn’t seem as sad without the penis.  The tears almost seem out of place in the edited version.  Perhaps I’m just used to seeing the original in my sketchbook but I think this tips the scales, ever so gently, in my mind towards “essential part of the whole.”  Of course, it’s no surprise that an artist would be naturally inclined towards defending the content of their own work but I think enough time has passed between original creation and current examination that I’m fairly comfortable with this assessment.

      Of course, opinions of the non-Vincent variety are likely to be the most objective so feel free to chime in if you’re in the mood.

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