shallow grave

     Some pre-Sharpie craze work from my 30’s.  This is plain ol’ India ink applied with a fine point, metal pen tip.  I really enjoyed the fine lines this medium allowed.  Working with wet ink is fun and hearing the scratch of the pen tip on the paper while you’re drawing is pretty satisfying as well.  I completed a handful of works but in the end I abandoned this medium, as I didn’t like having to clean the pen tips every time I finished.

      As for the content, this one gives me a warm fuzzy.  I remember enjoying working on the little details inside the grave; the shading, the bugs, the signs of foul play.  So much fun at the time.  There’s a big part of me that doesn’t fear death or the grave.  In a lot of ways it’s very inviting to me.  A place where you can go to rest and never be tormented by the troubles of life anymore.  A tad morbid, perhaps, but I can’t deny these feelings.

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