Ack!  I’m sick.  I must’ve caught the cold my wife had all last week.  Here’s an image appropriate to my current state of health.

     Originally drawn in pencil in my teens and digitally fiddled with in my 30’s, this is one of a small group of images that represents my first attempts at computer editing/modification.  At the time I first attempted this project my patience ran out, as it was taking more time than I wanted to put into it.  I was going for quantity not quality.  Now that I’m revisiting my past works I may end up doing more of these.  I like the vivid effects you can get by messing with the number of colors and editing the image palette.  I’m no expert at it but I do love fiddling with images on the computer.

3 thoughts on “sickness

  1. Vincent, your drawing of yourself while ill brings to mind a documentary I just watched entitled “The Architecture of Doom.” It explores the Nazi's thoughts about art and architecture. Too bad it didn't get into music and dance, but they were strangely omitted. I would recommend it as it goes into areas of which most of us are unaware.

  2. I've seen similar documentaries that seem to raise more questions than they answer. It lends a level of frustration to them that really detracts from the whole.

    Thanks for the comment. The Nazi's were a lot of negative things but they did have a very sharp sense of aesthetics.

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