The content here will sometimes be of an adult nature in both language and images.  The adult language will be nothing unusual (i.e. fuck, fucking, fucker) and I will regularly post artwork depicting graphic violence, strong sexual content and other subject matter along those lines.  Some of my drawings have been described as “crazed death porno” to give you an idea of what to expect.

     In general, the content here will also be of a decidedly personal nature.  I’ve never been one to follow trends or cater to popular demand.  I’m much more at peace with myself when I’m left to my own devices, free to do what my mood dictates.  Often times, I don’t even know what I’m going to end up creating until it’s done.  Even more often, I don’t know what sort of meaning is in my artworks until I’ve had sufficient time since original creation to distance myself and view them in a more objective light.  Hopefully, this means what you see here will be something you’ve never seen before.  A little piece of me in every artwork that will be at least original if not interesting, exciting or profound.