bloody fuzzy and the OPG

     I won’t tell you where I’ve been artistically but the above image is fairly close to the mark.  I will tell you that I’ve officially dropped my Vincent personae.  It just wasn’t feeling right, it’s not who I am anymore.  My name is Eddie Jones and I will be you host, guide and victim as we slog our way, step by heavy step, towards the mountain of fear that is The Fuzzy Skeletonian.

     In other news, October is creeping up behind me with impure thoughts.  So grab your vasoline and get ready for Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza 2013!   Stop on by this coming month, enjoy your beverage (or beverages) of choice and don’t dress up in any of your good clothes cause it’s gonna get all nasty and crumply.  Details to follow over the weekend.

sexual insecurities and llamas


     I’ve been putting this one off for a while now mainly because it still makes me a tad uncomfortable.  Drawn immediately after lust mouth, I feel like this in a lot of ways represents my more immature attitudes and insecure feelings regarding sex (not that lust mouth doesn’t).  I can’t really get more specific than that, other than it kind of seems like this drawing is saying, “Oh, it’s a scary vagina!  I’m afraid!

sex and donuts


     More Sharpie craze stuff from my 30’s.  Recently, I went ahead and added a couple of gray tones to this one for a touch of clarity and depth.

     Not a lot of mystery about this one with all the fuzzy, fleshy, sexual stuff going on.  Although, I’m not sure what the whole mouth on top of the head thing is about.  I have other drawings that have that feature.  Dunno, maybe I have a hungry brain or something.  Hungry for donuts most likely.

bamboo engineers have a tough job

     Another assignment from early college.  This was when I was still living with my mom and she was renting this awesome studio-type apartment above a drugstore.  The subject matter here was one of those cheaply made, bamboo-wicker-type chairs that were all the rage in the late 80’s, early 90’s.  These chairs were designed to hold the weight of a normal adult or two calmly relaxing young adults (for example, me and my future wife).  Of course, the two young adults in question can remain calm and relaxed in a chair this size for only so long before they become active, horny young adults.  The physical stresses that two people in such a state produce are far greater than the maximum rated capacity for a chair of this type.  This was the first of at least two chairs my mother had to purchase when I explained to her they accidentally broke when I happened to sit down in them too hard, clumsy me.

lust mouth


     Next in the Crazed Death Porno lineup we have good old-fashioned lust.  I’m not sure as to the specifics but lust is definitely the central theme here, methinks.  Personally, I react more to the face than anything else; the wild eye and the fleshy mouth protrusions…

     (The keen observer might note that I’m reacting to this piece as though I didn’t create it.  I did, in fact, draw this damn thing but fuck if I know what I was doing at the time!  I have to create this shit and come back to it later if I hope to have a chance at divining a semi-accurate meaning.)

     Sure, there’s an enormous, erect, ejaculating penis but that alone isn’t all that significant to me when viewing this composition.  It’s that fucking face, giving you the side-eye like some sort of strange, mutated bull that would turn and charge you if it wasn’t attached to that rock-like base.

     On a calmer, more curious note, I have to wonder what that wavy, electric, forcefield-type thing I drew around him is.  This is something I’ve drawn before but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a protective thing, something that is emanating from the subject or just an excuse for me to scribble a wavy circular design around the composition to give it a finishing touch.  I guess I’ll leave that one up to you.

sex and the male mind


     As mentioned in the Content tab, here’s one of my Crazed Death Porno works.  Lotso fucked up shit going on in this one.  I won’t even attempt to explain, as I don’t fully understand it myself.  I’ll just touch on the subject of sex and what I do know about myself.

     When it comes to sex I don’t think I’m that far from the norm (I use the term loosely, as opinions regarding “normal” sexuality are quite varied).  I’m a man, heterosexual, and have fully functioning genitalia.  I like sex and I also need a minimum amount of regular sexual release in order to feel somewhat calm and composed.  There is a part of me that tends to go a little nuts about sex, in that the more of it I have the more I want.  I’ve also noticed that when I have really good, hot monkey love, sex I have trouble handling it in a way.  My brain goes into sort of a feedback loop and it takes a long time for me to stop obsessing over the most recent hot monkey love event.  Again, I don’t think any of my behavior regarding sex is all that uncommon, as we’ve all heard of men obsessing over sex before.  It’s primal, it’s one of the big reasons why our species gets propagated and I think it’s that sort of sex-crazed state of mind that makes up part of what’s going on in the above composition.