go plank yourself!

     I was making my regular visit to Cup3Tint3 the other day and I got introduced to planking.  Spend a few minutes and take a look.  Take a slow look, look at them all.  Just stare at them for a while.  I’ll wait…

     Now I’ll admit that since I’ve been getting back into my art I have found myself to be a lot more impressionable but after looking at all those people planking can YOU resist the urge to do THIS?

     I wasn’t quite as daring as some but it was the position you get yourself into that interested me.  There’s just something so intriguing about it.  For that moment, you stop, motionless, expressionless and suddenly you’re no longer a complicated human being living in an insane world.  You’re a plank.  A mindless, wood-like THING.  You cease to be complicated and are as simple as a piece of wood, a random pebble or a puddle of water.

      I know it looks absurd but that’s not the way it feels.  Don’t believe me?  Try it!  Go plank yourself and report back.

what me worry?

     This was drawn immediately in between fire hair and blood drool and I just skipped over it.  Given my recent history, the very fact that it made me hesitate or feel uncomfortable must mean that this is a self-portrait.  I think that’s what this whole nose bleed style is turning into; definite self-examination and/or exploration.  Look at those eyes.  What am I so worried about?

sexual insecurities and llamas


     I’ve been putting this one off for a while now mainly because it still makes me a tad uncomfortable.  Drawn immediately after lust mouth, I feel like this in a lot of ways represents my more immature attitudes and insecure feelings regarding sex (not that lust mouth doesn’t).  I can’t really get more specific than that, other than it kind of seems like this drawing is saying, “Oh, it’s a scary vagina!  I’m afraid!

scary eyes


     As promised, here’s more bloody content for all you freaks and weirdos loyal followers.  While this work is not all that different from my latest entries into nose bleed, it is significant in that it provoked a reaction from me even before I was finished with it.

     As I was getting close to done I started to get freaked out by the eyes.  Not sure why really, it was just a general feeling of uneasiness.  It got so bad I had to cover the eyes while I finished up.  Sounds silly, I know, but that’s what happened.  I know I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately.  Maybe I’m afraid of something and I’m just making up excuses to avoid my artwork.

bloody marvelous!

     Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but that’s all I’m gonna say.  The whining is over.  When life hits you, you gotta suck it up and hit right back.

     Here’s a quickie I did on a piece of printer paper with some brush markers.  Fun stuff.  I’m totally loving brush markers!  You can see it in my happy, bloody face.  I’m lovin’ the blood lately.  I’m hoping to have a huge bloody year here at Vincent’s Handmade Art.  Bring your umbrella : )

the margarita king


     Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve posted something from my past.  Also, I haven’t had much time for new stuff lately so this works out pretty well.

     Don’t have too much to say about this one.  I’m thinking the jumbo lime margarita I had after work today probably has something to do with that.  This has been my new tradition of late.  All work weeks with 7 or more days end with a jumbo lime margarita.  Today’s margarita was enjoyed with a generous helping of tacos de carne asada.  I was very very happy when dinner was done.  Right now, I’m pretty blown so I’ll sign off and hopefully get my ass to bed early if I can manage it.  Thanks for stopping by.

takin’ what they givin’ cuz i’m workin’ for a livin’

     Well, ye olde workplace has finally made good on their threat of Sundays.  I’m working 7 days this week.  Huzzah.

     To convey my general feeling of discontent I decided to scan myself.  Instead of laying down on the scanner I decided it would be a better idea to prop the scanner on its side and lean in close.  At first this was a mostly black, shapeless mass but a quick auto-adjust of the colors revealed what you see now.  Pretty neat effect.  Sorta like seeing through the eyes of a primitive 1980’s robot.  Hopefully the kind with vibrating parts.  Mmm… parts.

looooving me is easy ’cause I’m beautiful!

     This is the only honest to goodness, actually attempting a photographic likeness, self-portrait I have ever done.  This was completed when I was 19 years old.  Early college, when I was all ambitious, arrogant and very serious about myself.  At the time I was all like, “I’m gonna draw myself using two mirrors, man!  That way what I draw will be an actual likeness of myself and not just a mirror image!”  And so I did.  I used two mirrors, concentrated very hard, narcissistically paid special attention to my eyes and pursed lips and, in the end, screwed the whole thing up by making the distance from the tip of my nose to my chin noticeably shorter than it actually is.  Eh, whatcha gonna do.  I was young, dumb and fulla cum.  The odds of me not screwing this up were pretty slim to begin with.

     Have a good new year.  I plan to get drunk and burn shit.

birds in the sky

     I drew a handful of these creatures during the Sharpie craze.  I think they were just attempts to recreate what I had done in eruption, one of my all-time favorite drawings.  I can only assume that this is also a self-portrait of sorts.  Not sure what it’s all about but the birds in the sky in the background are nice.

     Oh well, that’s all I’ve got.  Thanks for taking a look.

first page

     This is the first page of the sketchbook I started over 7 years ago in the midst of the Sharpie craze in full swing.  This is the very same sketchbook that I’m just a few short pages away from finishing here in the near future.  I guess it’s not much of a milestone but it is yet another one of the fascinating bits of trivia I try to give to you, my gentle and attractive readers.

chalkboard nude


     When I first completed this drawing I recall it making me pretty uncomfortable at the time.  I think it was because it was a little too honest of a self-portrait in some ways.  Obviously, I’m much more comfortable with it now, although I’m still not sure what the whole tornado-like thing is supposed to be.

     As far as the digital effects go, this was another one of my happy accidents.  After a quick auto-adjust of the colors I flipped the negative tweak and, whamo, chalkboard!  Who knew?

hungry head


     Last night I just realized that this drawing is a self-portrait.  When I was perusing more of my Sharpie craze stuff, trying to decide what to post next, I noticed this drawing was immediately followed by this.  It’s almost like the above work is an unconscious representation of the state of my mind that led to the crazed death porno work.

     Here it is, over 7 years later and I’m still having to figure this shit out.

a strong weakness

     This is how I feel most of the time.  Strong and powerful, yet weak and crippled.  Always waxing and waning, never committing to one path or the other and always despising the path that I’m on.  Meh, got a little heavy there.

     More early Sharpie craze, before all the bones and hair.  Just added a minor finishing touch today, post scan.  Not sure what the shoulder protrusions and/or horns are about.  Seems to be a recurring theme.



     Here’s an interesting one from the early phases of the Sharpie craze when I was still working with just the one old Sharpie I found in the kitchen drawer.  This is definitely a self-portrait and a prime example of what I mean when I say that I don’t know what I’m going to end up drawing until it’s done.  Allow me to explain.

     I do know for a fact that I began with the face and head, worked down the neck, then the large misshapen chest mass and finally the body.  You can see all this in my technique, as it gets lazier and more impatient as I go along.  The hastily added black liquid at the bottom the figure is wading through was used to partly cover a botched left hand.  All of these things I remember clearly.

     What I didn’t know was that I drew the head and chest mass erupting from the body.  When I showed the completed drawing to my wife she pointed this fact out to me.  It’s quite obvious.  You can see the difference in texture between the chest mass and the torn flaps of skin around it.  It’s the entire focal point of this composition and I didn’t know it at the time.  I think it’s partly because I drew the whole thing backwards.  I effectively misdirected myself, much like a magician will force the audience to look at the wrong thing in order to pull off their illusion.  I fooled myself into drawing this eruption.

awkward flower

     Here’s a self-portrait from my high school years that I keep coming back to.  I’d say it captures my awkward teenage years pretty well.  The half-closed eye and bared teeth are interesting to me.  I think they show both the depression and hostility I was grappling with at the time.

     I know this may seem self-indulgent but I’ve always found I can never know what I’m going to end up drawing until it is done.  Furthermore, the actual meaning of my artwork often eludes me since it undoubtedly dwells in my subconscious somewhere.  Nevertheless, I like to attempt to examine where I’ve been in keeping with the whole “know thyself” thing.