computer hiccups and bitch-slaps

     Doesn’t it look like this guy is about to deliver one epic bitch-slap?  He’s all leanin’ into it, arm raised and cocked like, “Imo smack you SO HARD!!”

     Sorry for the late post today.  I had a minor maintenance issue with the ol’ CPU last night.  After some scans everything seems normal, so no worries : )  Thanks for stopping by.

Pink Floyd and why I’m so damned interesting


     When I finished this it reminded me of the fact that I spent entirely too much time as a grade-schooler listening to and staring at Pink Floyd albums.  You’d figure my parents would’ve at least made me wait until I was a teenager before allowing me to consume and memorize things like The Wall.  I guess it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I mean, you can’t say that experiences like this run the risk of making you boring.

cyborgs and sword skellies

     This started out as a half-finished pencil drawing and I decided to spice it up a bit with a few digital tweaks.  The texture and tones of the paper that surfaced during the tweaking process are almost more interesting than the drawing itself.  I sometimes wish I was a cyborg so I could see things the way a computer does.  Seems like it would be a much more interesting world in a lot of ways.

bacterial infections and timid brothers

     I love the super thick dark paint I used on this.  I think it was my good ol’ Crayola slurry with a little back drawing ink mixed in.  Just so happens this is the flip side of this.  They’re sort of a couple of timid inhibited brothers of sorts.

     In other news, I got my fool ass to the doctor yesterday and acquired some drugs for what turned out to be a bacterial infection.  Yay, me!  Hopefully, I will be in good health and spirits for the remainder of the OPG.  Woo!

a pox upon me

     This looks like I should’ve painted it on someone’s front door as a curse or some shit.  Kinda has a cult magic or vodoun component to it.  Not that I’m all that knowledgeable on these subjects, it’s just more of a first impression.

     Sorry for the late entry today.  Between last night and today I ended up sleeping like 14 hours.  I think I’m definitely fighting something and Stacia seems to have come down with a virus or something very similar.  I guess if you HAVE to catch something Friday is a good day to do it.  ‘Least you’ll have the weekend to help nip it in the bud.

     Heh, maybe I should check my front door!

OPG 2012 and my generous selfishness

     Well, here it is:  The now traditional “October Ween” which signals that my annual Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza has officially begun!  And after a hasty search through my art-stuffs earlier this evening, I’m pleased to announce that I have more than enough unseen original artworks for each and every day of the month of October for your derisive laughter viewing enjoyment.

     I’ve also whipped up some wacky banners for all you crazy kids so you can annoy your friends with your suspicious taste in art.  Behold!

     If these free banners which I made with my own blood sweat and tears aren’t good enough for you selfish bastards then you can suck my ass click the banner tag to pick from (and modify if needed) any of my past banners from past events and various random occasions.

     Finally, you’re ALL encouraged to participate.  Just blog about Halloween, Horror, October in general or just express yourself with your own personal creation and send me the link so I can wrangle up all the entries to share with everyone else.  Why participate, you may ask?  Participation makes you cool and attractive to your preferred sex and also makes you eligible for possible giveaways during the month but most of all participation makes you eligible to put me to work for you.

     This may not be for everyone but qualified OPG participants (and by “qualified” I mean the first three participants who are interested) can put me to work on a commission just for them.  The only restriction is that the commissioned artwork will have a size limit of 8.5″ x 11″ for ease of mailing.  Other than that, you’re calling the shots.  Just give me an idea of what you want and I’ll do my best to create it.  When finished I’ll mail it off to you and ask that you donate whatever amount your conscience dictates (although I would appreciate at least the cost of postage).  Why am I making such a generous offer?  Well, selfishness really.  I enjoyed my last commission and I’d like to try it again so help me out and put me to work for you this October!

     Okay okay okay, I’ve babbled on enough.  We’ve got 30 more days to cover!  You ready?  Let’s go!!