OPG participants, wave 2

     Coming in just under the wire, we have two more Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza participants!  Check it:

==>  Camille over at Corpse Cafe shows us that even skellies need quality snugglin’ time with their loved ones on Halloween.

==>  Hailing from KickinAssTakingNames, Katn gives us all some insight into how her brain works on the subject of horror through her list of films that have scared the holy bejeezus out of her in the past.

     Alrighty!  That makes for a total of three participants at present.  So, unless I get more than seven other people signed up with matching Horror/Halloween blog posts before midnight tonight, that means everyone is pretty much GUARANTEED to get their very own Fuzzy Skeletonian original artwork!

     Also also also, if the number of total participants remains low I may have some special changes to the giveaway rules so stay tuned campers!

OPG participants, wave 1

     Well, it’s not exactly a WAVE, per se, but I do have my very first participant in this year’s Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza:

==>  Mr. Gable shares his perspective on what looks to be a pretty decent slasher film starring the ever-interesting Steve Railsback.  This was merely Day 4 of the all month Countdown to Insanity over at The Reality.  Head on over and watch with anticipation as he drives himself closer and closer to the breaking point!

     Well, that’s it for now.  Stay tuned, as I hope for more participants later in the month.