Jack-O-Melon 2012!

     Okay, so I bought a buncha fountains again and crammed them into my Jack-O-Melon for this year’s festivities.  I did one with six fountains going off sequentially and another attempting to have all six fountains go off simultaneously.  One lasts a little longer than the other but in the end I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so here’s both of them for your viewing pleasure:

     Here’s last year’s video if you like to compare and contrast all the subtleties and nuances.  Hope you had a good 4th!


(I know I know, I’ll get this ding-dang blog back in shape here soon.  I’ve hit a few snags lately.  Bear with me.)

Jack-O-Melon 2011!

     Since both 4th of July and Halloween are my two favorite holidays, this year I decided to combine the two by carving me a watermelon and jamming some fireworks in it, like so:

     Now before you say, “Oh no, mister! That was a PUMPKIN!”, watch it one more time and pay special attention to the beginning when I’m lighting it. After the fuse is lit and I move away you can see the brief flash of watermelon green as my flashlight passes over the front of the jack-o-melon.  That brilliant Halloween orange is all from the fireworks, baby!  That was two small fountains called “Tequila Sunrise”.  I’m gonna buy 50 of them next year : >

     Anyway, I hope your 4th was pretty dang awesome and thanks for stopping by, you crazy kids!

pumpkin guts, beer and shadowzone

     Booyah!  It’s Hallowfuckingween!  This makes my 31st Halloween-specific post this month containing original artwork by yours truly and I couldn’t be more tickled with myself!

      What I have for you today is the result of my latest pumpkin carving efforts and a little amateur video.  From the makers of Flickering In The Dark, comes a new short film:

The players:

Corey Feldpumpkin

Jack “I Love My Job” O’Lantern

     I apologize for the embarrassing names but my brain is a bit fried from having to work Saturday, two beers, way too much Chinese delivery and my first viewing of the Full Moon classic, Shadowzone.  Not a bad flick, by the way.  Some pretty decent sci-fi, horror action plus boobies and wang.

     Well, my hands still smell like pumpkin guts and I’m awfully greasy from a day’s work so I’m going to go stagger into the shower.  Thanks so much for stopping by and have an amazing Halloween.

flickering in the dark

     As promised yesterday, here’s the video. Nothing too exciting, just some nice, soothing flickering:

     The roaring sound in the background is the air purifier in the living room.  I just let the camera sit there and tried to draw out the jack-o-lantern’s very soul!  Sorta like one of those Andy Warhol living portrait films where he persuaded people to just sit in front of the camera and do whatever they wanted.

first of the season!

     Guess what I did.  Yessiree, I carved me up a pumpkin!  Here’s the photo, as promised.  I wish I could jam this whole thing into my wireless adapter and send you all a real life copy of it so you can smell the fresh pumpkin rind and see the candles flickering.  Actually, I also shot some video tonight and as soon as I can get that bad boy uploaded to the YouTube you actually will be able to see the candles flickering!  We’ll just have to wait for them to invent the Scenternet and YouStink before you can experience the fresh smell of pumpkin rind.  Oh wait!  You can carve your own pumpkin, right?  Right!?  Go carve and pumpkin and post the dang picture/video!  Go, man, go!

pumpkin patch, 3 of 3

     While using my new gray markers my mind was on the subject of color tones.  I noticed how stacking progressively darker tones on top of lighter tones was having an interesting effect and, boing!, I remembered an exercise in one of my early art classes where we were instructed to find the gray tone of a color using only pencil.  I think we used some color magazine photos to work from and our work was checked by the teacher making a non-color photocopy of the magazine images and comparing the gray tones we drew to the gray tones in the photocopied image.  All in all, a very good exercise, very memorable.

      Anyway, I got a little ambitious and thought about what would happen if I reversed that scenario?  What if I tried to see only the gray tones in colors and attempted to draw with them as though I was completely color blind?  As it was, I was stacking two or three gray tones before finishing with black on the previous images in this trilogy, therefore, two or three colors should be used in this experiment.  To keep things fairly simple I settled on the three primary colors: yellow, red and blue.  Yellow obviously having the lightest tone and blue the darkest.  I started with yellow (bad for the eyes, by the way) and began stacking, finishing with black.  What you see above is the end result.  I’m happy to say I think I succeeded.  If you grayscale this image it looks pretty similar to the others.  Yay!  Go me!

     Well, I’ll stop wanking now and let you enjoy the final entry in my latest Octoberween trilogy.

pumpkin patch, 2 of 3

     After my initial experimentation with my newly acquired gray tones I settled down a bit and made these little guys.  Despite my best efforts they seemed to have turned out more adorable than creepy.

     Adorable because they seem to be honestly scared.  Frightened out of their cute little pumpkin skulls.  So often in real life fear manifests itself as anger, intolerance, stubbornness or other similar emotions that so conveniently feign strength.  People often choose to lie and appear strong, while the more natural reaction of honest fear is often regarded as a sign of weakness.

     Feh, I’ll stop philosophizing and just say that’s one of the great things about Halloween.  We get to go around and be scary and get scared and don’t have to worry about what people think of us.  And it’s fun.

pumpkin patch, 1 of 3

     I went out this weekend and got some new markers to increase my selection of gray tones.  Another purchase included my first pumpkin of the season!  Woot!

     What you see above is the combination of the aforementioned purchases.  I know it looks like I drew this bad boy from memory but I actually had my pumpkin in front of me while I was drawing.  It’s just that the damned thing is so perfectly round and generic!  I’ll be sure to get one with more character next time.  Anyhow, I think the gray tones worked decently and while this isn’t the most inspired drawing I’ve ever done I think it has some merit.

     Tune in tomorrow for a more interesting use of my new markers.