smudges and greed

     Here’s more of my dry erase fuckery.  This was drawn before wavy brain, before I cleaned the board.  You can see the all the smidgy smudges of my fingers.  I also accidentally bumped the board with my cock thumb and smudged the hair a bit when I was positioning this to be photographed.  And I didn’t even bother fixing the smudge.

     Yeah, that about sums up my attitude of late.  I’m just like, “Fuck it, whatever…  I’m tired.”  The heat, the overtime.  I feel like introducing myself to people:  “Hello, I’m Jack and I’m a dull boy.”  At the same time, I also feel like I’m just being precious.  Just upset that I don’t have more free time.   I feel greedy.  I mean, I have time to do my crazy little artworks and blog about them on a regular basis so why am I upset that I don’t have EVEN MORE TIME?  Greed.  Self-indulgent greed.