Summer, Fall and the OPG!

     Can you feel it?  The fever has broken.  Fall is on its way and Summer is going down for the count!  Hopefully, Summer has taken one too many head blows this year and will die from a massive brain hemmorage, never to return again.  In the meantime, the wife and I might be getting JUST A LITTLE excited about this coming October:

     Furthermore, it’s time I let all of you in on the craziness and mayhem that’s going down in less than a month.  LESS THAN A MONTH!!  I’m salivating.  And you should be too because very very soon I will unleash my:


Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza will consist of the following parts:

     First, I will be posting a minimum average of 1.39 original Halloween/Horror themed artworks each and every damned day THE ENTIRE MONTH of October!  Furthermore, the aforementioned minimum average is surely to increase as I squeeze in a few more artworks between now and then : D

     Second, aside from the obvious celebration of Halloween and Horror, I will also be celebrating just over a year since Vincent’s Handmade Art got off the ground!  Yay!  Woooo!

     Third, I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the spirit of the season and help me make the OPG something to remember.  I know this might take some work and (dare I say it) sacrifice, but I’m going to have to ask you all to take on the burden of blogging about Halloween or Horror sometime during the month of October.  I’m sorry to ask for such a unusual and taxing favor but it will be worth your time because by being an active participant in the OPG you will automatically be entered into:


     That’s right, folks.  I am prepared to give up 10 of my fuzzy fellas for adoption BUT there’s a catch!  In order to be officially entered into the giveaway YOU HAVE TO PARTICIPATE in the OPG, as described above.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Well now, that’s not really a giveaway in the true sense of the word, now is it?”  Well, you know what?  SHUT UP!  This is MY HOUSE and we all have to play by MY RULES!  Besides, I’m asking you to jump through a pretty easy hoop for the very good chance of getting your hands on one of these:


Actual size 5.5″ x 7.5″ on 90lb. watercolor paper and more detailed than what the scan shows.

     This was the very first one I made this year and, therefore, represents the minimum level of quality you will witness from the inventory of Fuzzy Skeletonians I have to offer.  Now a few giveaway rules:

–  In order to be entered into the giveaway you must blog about Halloween or Horror and submit the link to me sometime during the month of October (if you don’t have a blog, please email me your entry and I will be happy to post it here during the OPG).

–  You can participate as many times as you like in the OPG but your participation will only make you eligible to receive ONE Fuzzy Skeletonian original artwork.

–  If there are 10 or less OPG participants this year, ALL qualified participants will be GUARANTEED to receive their very own Fuzzy Skeletonian artwork!  If there are more than 10 participants (I can only hope!) a random drawing will be held to determine who gets an artwork and who does not.

–  To add to the excitement, you will have no choice in which artwork you get!  All 10 fuzzy fellas will be displayed in detail during the OPG but you will not know which one you will ultimately get until you receive it in the mail!  Surprise!

–   Also, a little fair warning for those of you who are brand new to my blog.  All of my Fuzzy Skeletonian artworks will contain graphic violence and/or strong sexual content.  So, if you wish to still participate in the OPG but NOT be entered into the giveaway please let me know via email or comment.

     Finally, I have the obligatory blogathon banners for all you crazy kids.  Behold!

     Well, that about covers it for the OPG.  Now we all need to get our collective butts in gear and make sure we’ll be ready.  October’s coming fast and it’s going to give us all a good thrashing!

art and horror

     If you haven’t already, take a look-see at my new Links tab and don’t forget to stop by A.D. Art and check out Aquilus’ totally boss jack-o-lanterns (best viewed full size and full screen).  Now for my latest nonsensical ramblings:

     This drawing is one I could’ve easily used for my Octoberween efforts if my hand had taken longer to heal up.  It seems the majority of my art quite easily fits into the horror category, although it took a little while for me to warm up to the idea.

     I’d always thought of my art (particularly the Sharpie craze) as my own personal confrontation with my inner demons and emotional issues.  Not a horror movie full of screams and gore but an exploration of my most secret desires involving sex, violence, isolation, anger, regret, jealousy, etc.  When you think about it, though, that kind of content and more is the basis of all good horror.  I guess I’m just too close to my art the vast majority of the time to see it objectively.

my mind and a flying brick


     Here’s another one of my India ink experiments, including a ghoul face, a spider type thing and a, well… a flying brick.  Yeah, I dunno, man.  Sometimes I wonder about myself.

     Despite the self-mockery, this is definitely one of my personal favorites.  The way the ghoul seems to drool a stream of consciousness of disfigured shapes, vomiting mouths, tortured mini-skeletons and, of course, peen.  There might also be a slight amount of bitterness being expressed with the vomiting happy birthday creature.  Just another day in the life of my mind from the past decade.

     I have to say I’m enjoying using some of my past works for the current run of my Octoberpalooza.  I’m definitely going to set aside and save up images all year long for next year.  Makes for a much more relaxed celebration.

ghoulie ghouls, 3 of 3

     Here it is, boys and girls, the third and final Ghoulie Ghoul!  He’s old, he’s hairy and he’s probably got breath that’d dissolve titanium!  If he looks strangely familiar, this drawing was based on the same Halloween decoration I photographed and futzed with to get my profile pic.  One of my favorites from my modest collection of holiday ghouls that I’ve accumulated over the years from Walgreens’ sometimes surprisingly good selection of Halloween baddies (no I’m not getting paid to say that).

     Walgreens commercial aside, I hope my Ghoulie Ghouls have worked their way into your hearts and nightmares this fine fine October.  Thank you and stay tuned as I continue to flail my way through the month!

ghoulie ghouls, 2 of 3

     I’m enjoying the combo of gray and black markers.  It’s an easy way to add both depth and speed to my drawings.  Cranking these out, fast and spontaneous, was a very freeing experience.  I get so meticulous sometimes and it can eventually start to get on my nerves.

     I hope you’re enjoying my Ghoulie Ghouls trilogy.  I’ve tried to save the best for last.  Stay tuned for more Octoberween fun.

ghoulie ghouls, 1 of 3

     I sat myself down in front of my ghoulie ghoul Halloween decorations and cranked out some drawings over this past weekend.  I’m flyin’ by the seat of my pants this October but, dammit, I’m gonna contribute to the festivities as best I can!

     I have to say I’m excited and pleased with the drawings I completed.  This one in particular gives me the total deja vu for some reason.  I think it’s the fuzzy eyebrows and frowny eye sockets.  It’s almost like I’ve drawn something very similar to it before.  I’ll have to leaf through my sketchbooks when I get around to it.  Man, these felt good.  It was almost like I was back in a college drawing class putting forth a sincere effort and trying to improve myself.  Good stuff, man.