dad, KISS and childhood

     More high school stuff.  I’m not sure if this one is a self-portrait.  It’s definitely not all me.  My dad is in there (note the one good eye) along with some KISS makeup.  I was a really into KISS as a child.  Ran around with the makeup on and two belts crisscrossed on my bare chest.  Even had the KISS colorforms set!  Man, those were the days.

awkward flower

     Here’s a self-portrait from my high school years that I keep coming back to.  I’d say it captures my awkward teenage years pretty well.  The half-closed eye and bared teeth are interesting to me.  I think they show both the depression and hostility I was grappling with at the time.

     I know this may seem self-indulgent but I’ve always found I can never know what I’m going to end up drawing until it is done.  Furthermore, the actual meaning of my artwork often eludes me since it undoubtedly dwells in my subconscious somewhere.  Nevertheless, I like to attempt to examine where I’ve been in keeping with the whole “know thyself” thing.