Mr. Swampy and the end of OPG 2012

     Well here it is, my final post of the month!  I have Mr. Swampy here to greet you with his green, swampy goodness.  I had almost forgotten about this guy until I went through all my art-stuffs at the beginning of the month.  This guy kinda grows on you I think.  He’s got this cryptic ambiguity about him, all mossy and mysterious.

     This pretty much wraps things up for my 2nd Annual Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza.  I know this wasn’t the most exciting OPG I’ve ever done but I at least got new original artworks posted each and everyday for your viewing enjoyment.  ALSO ALSO ALSO, don’t forget:  If you participated you have the right to put me to work for you on a commission of your choosing.  Check out my original statement from the beginning of the month for full details.

     I hope you had a great Octoberween and I wish you the spookiest Halloween ever!  Thanks for stopping by : )

2 thoughts on “Mr. Swampy and the end of OPG 2012

  1. You are correct that it grows on you. It actually took me a few moments to get my bearings and figure out what I was looking at. And once I did, I just kept staring. And he kept staring back like he was gonna jump out and scare my shit in honor of the holiday. Very creepy. A perfect ending to an entertaining October! It’s not easy finding time to post every day I’m sure, so know that all the posting/artwork has been enjoyed. Happy Halloween to you and the Mrs.!

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